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Amanda is one of the main antagonists of the 2018 interactive neo-noir thriller video game Detroit: Become Human, serving as the main antagonist of Connor's story and the overarching antagonist of Markus and Kara's stories. At first appearing as a wise master to Connor, meeting him in the Zen Garden to discuss his actions, it's revealed later that she is in fact an A.I. created by Elijah Kamski to control Connor.

She was portrayed by Simbi Kali.


Despite being the main antagonist, Amanda has very little screen time, and thus becomes an extremely enigmatic figure. However, from what is shown, she seems to be sadistic, as seen by how she smugly smiles while telling Connor at the end that he will be deactivated, which displays that she is sentient at least. Other than this, Amanda is mostly shown as a wise mentor to Connor, and not much more. It also seems like she has no problems with killing, barely showing any remorseful emotions when Connor panics at the end, as he might just die, which further implies that she may have done this before.


Amanda was created by Elijah Kamski, the CEO of CyberLife, and modeled her after his former mentor Amanda Stern, who had died long before in 2027. He created Amanda in order to look over Connor and what he is doing, and even before she is revealed as a villainous A.I., she is shown to be a nice, but slightly controlling woman to Connor. It is implied that she has been deactivating (and therefore killing) multiple Connor models before the game even starts, having been involved in the development of new Connor models, deactivating the models and creating new ones to get as good of a model as possible.

However, Amanda also has control over Connor, and is involved in investigating the deviant case. Depending on the player choices, Amanda can make Connor a deviant, but she can also make Connor assassinate the kind-hearted deviant leader Markus, and, although indirect, by extension, Connor can get mad at Lieutenant Hank while trying to assassinate Markus and kill him. At the end of the game, Amanda smugly tells Connor that, no matter what, they will deactivate him and create a new version of him, which can lead into multiple things. If Connor manages to escape the Zen Garden, he can become a deviant, but he can also commit suicide. Either way, Amanda will always come out alive.


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