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Lower classes like you and me can't go up really close. We have to pray from a distance!
~ Amanda to Jennifer.
I'm sorry, Jennifer, I'm sorry... I didn't want to do that. I was just so scared... Jennifer! Jennifer! I did what I had to, didn't I? I had no choice. They would have hurt us both, wouldn't they? I'm sorry, I'm so sorry... When it's my turn, don't think you have to hold back!
~ Amanda
Your "friend" is in the bag, it's too late now!
~ Amanda after she helps killed Jennifer's dog.

Amanda is a major antagonist in the 2006 psychological horror video game Rule of Rose. She is an insecure girl obsessed with fitting in with the other members of the Aristocrat Club Members, she is the lowest ranking member and is usually bullied by the higher ranking club members.


Due to years of being bullied by those around her Amanda has self-esteem, and is very sensitive about herself and how people react to her, Amanda most self-conscious about her looks than anyone else.

Amanda is a is an outcast wanting to be excepted by the other orphans she is willing to do anything they say,Amanda does everything in her power to satisfy the other kinds even if it means humiliating herself for their enjoyment, she also allows with to make fun of her misfortunes without standing for herself.

Amanda even help bully her only friend Jennifer just so she can fit in, even though Amanda views Jennifer as her "best friend" her goal is to make sure Jennifer gets a lower ranking in the social class in the Aristocrat Club than herself, by often hiding things from Jennifer and refusing to help her.

Amanda is mentally unstable she shifts personalities from being a playful kind friendly girl to an abusive cruel sadist rather frequently when she's around Jennifer, this is to do she both admires Jennifer for being the only girl to treat her with kindness but Amanda also despises Jennifer for Jennifer succeeded her own ranking out of hatred for Jennifer, Amanda made a stuffed doll of her and beat it with a stick.

Amanda is killed during the orphanage massacre by Gregory M. Wilson along side the other children. Sadly death was the only event that Amanda took part in along side the other orphans.



  • Amanda characters was based off Piggy from Lord of the Flies, but she is considerably more psychotic and evil.
  • Amanda is considered one of the most terrifying characters in the game do to her unpredictable personality.
  • Amanda usually breaths loudly when she is nervous or under pressure.
  • The name "Amanda" means "lovable, worthy of love." her name could be a metaphor for her desperate struggle to fit in with the other kids.


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