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Amanda O'Reilly

Amanda O'Reilly is a villain in the Fansadox webcomic "Confiscated Twins".

Since her introduction, it is stated to have divorced a few times wealthy men, each time taking parts of their money. While not a full-fledged black widow, she is cunning and ready to use any means to get what she wants.

She buys the Bauer twins' mother, then seduces and frames Roy Murphy into being believed as a rapist against her, and takes the Bauer twins as a settlement for not pressing charges. Later, she gets evidence of her husband is cheating on her with her secretary, and thus divorces her, keeping yet another large sum of money. All of the while, she is seducing Ray's father and torturing brutally the Bauers.

When the Bauer twins escape, she does even worse things to their mother, including water torture. When she finds out that Ray was behind this, she arranges to leave the twins for him to rape, only cunningly replacing one of them and masking her, leaving Ray to unknowingly rape his own sister, Clara Murphy, for hours in a row.

She also films them during the deed to be sure she'll be left alone, and after she was shown on an island, with Ray's father, presumably breaking his marriage and their family in the process.

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