Amanda Rodriguez

Amanda Rodriguez is a professional wrestler currently portraying a villainess in the Women Superstars Uncensored wrestling promotion.

Amanda debuted for Women Superstars Uncensored as a heel (villainess) at Breaking Barriers III on November 8, 2014. She debuted as the Spanish-speaking assistant to Sassy Stephie, who announced that she has a position in WSU Management, and along with Stephie's manager, Mademoiselle Rachelle, the trio became known simply as "The Office." At the end of the event, the evil Amanda attacked LuFisto with one of her high heels, kicking off a three-on-one assault at the hands of The Office. The assault came after LuFisto defended her WSU Championship against Jenny Rose.

Amanda was not present with The Office at WSU's 8th Anniversary Show on February 21, 2015, but she was at the Power event on May 9. At that event, she and Rachelle helped Stephie defeat Jenny Rose, and they later interfered in the main event and helped Cherry Bomb defeat LuFisto to win the WSU Championship. Both Amanda and Rachelle were attacked by LuFisto after the match.

Amanda competes for promotions such as Queens of Combat and Shine Wrestling, working as a villainess in her debut with the latter. She was Jayme Jameson's replacement partner in a loss to The Buddy System, and she was later attacked by Jayme after the match. Amanda has worked as a babyface since then, but she appears to be on the verge of a villainous turn with her alliance with Ivelisse.

As part of her heel persona in WSU, Amanda only speaks Spanish.

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