Note: Not to be confused with Amanojyaku.


Amanozako is an unimaginably powerful and bad-tempered demon-goddess from Japanese mythology who is infamous for her unstoppable rage and tendency to oppose everything that others are doing, so much so that her name literally translates (more or less) into "she who opposes everything in Heaven".

A female humanoid with many traits of an oni, tengu and other monstrous yokai the foul-tempered demon-goddess is forever opposing the "norms" of a society or people, she will possess the hearts of humans and cause them to war and strife, in doing so she can be blamed for many chaotic changes in the world of mortals.

Even the world of the gods are unsafe from her wrath and while ancient Japan believed that at least 8 million gods in Heaven it was believed even the strongest among them could be tossed across "a thousand villages" if they dared cross Amanozako when she flew into a rage (which was often).

Worse still was the fact that this foul personification of discord mothered a son, as befits her nature she had no partner and simply spawned the son herself - her son grew to be so troublesome that all 8 million gods in Heaven grew to find him objectionable and thus he was made the ruler of all other malevolent and troublesome kami (which are what ancient Japanese called gods).

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