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Amaso is one of the secondary antagonists of the anime Kotetsushin Jeeg. He is one of the subordinates of Queen Himika. He is sometimes seen arguing with Mimashi.


Amaso is rather childish, as he complained about the Jeegs kicking him in the battle. At the same time, Amaso is very cruel as he will happily have the Haniwa Phantom Gods to rampage across towns. He also seems to have a rivalry with Mimashi, as they argued over the control of a Haniwa Phantom God.


Amaso was one of Himika's minions that fought alongside her during a galactic war together with Takeru and Miyazu. Eventually, they landed on Earth, and while Takeru and Miyazu decided to settle down on Earth peacefully, Himika and her subordinates wanted to destroy it. They then battled with Takeru, Miyazu, and Balba, and were eventually sealed away with the sword Sakahoko.

Eventually, the seal was broken, Himika and her forces then battled the original Jeeg, and Hiroshi sealed them away again.

After fifty years, the seal was broken once more, and Himika sent Ikima, Amaso, and Mimashi to claim the Bronze Bell. After the defeat of Magura, Himika had Amaso to control the Mezura to attack Jeeg, however, the Mezura was destroyed by Jeeg Bazooka, much to Amaso's annoyance.

At some point, Himika realized that the Bronze Bell was at the center of the Zone, and thus, she sent Amaso and Mimashi to controll the Makara to distract Kenji while having Ikima to look for the Bronze Bell. When Mimashi was controlling the Makara, Amaso got into an argument with him on rather who should hive command to it. At some point, due to the orders from them ended up being too chaotic, the Makara went out of control and was eventually destroyed by Kotetsu Jeeg. Amaso and Mimashi then blamed each other of their failure as they were retreating.

Later, after Ikima realized that the second bell is in the Kotetsu Jeeg, Himika sent her minions to obtain it, which Amaso took part in. In the end, they kidnapped Tsubaki to have Himika to corrupt her into taking away the Bronze Bells from Kenji and Hiroshi. However, Kyo, who was in reality Takeru, confronted them. Himika sent Ikima, Amaso and Mimashi to fight him, and while Amaso tried to stop Kenji, Tsubaki, Hiroshi and the Nuild Angels from escaping, he was kicked away by Takeru.

On the Moon, Amaso and Ikima was sent to fight the Build Base's force, with Amaso using shockwavesto fight them. Eventually, the Bronze Bells were reclaimed by Kenji and Tsubaki, and thus, Kenji and Hiroshi could transform into Jeeg again. After Amaso saw the, defeating some Haniwa Phantom Gods, he enlarged his body to fight them, after getting kicked by Kotetsu Jeeg, Amaso fired some crystals from his back to the Jeegs, Amaso exclaimed that he had defeated the Jeegs, only for them to survive it and disintegrated Amaso with the Double Spin Storm attack.

Eventually, Amaso's spirit together with that of Mimashi's and Ikima's were summoned by Himika to be part of the monster Susanoh. Amaso finally died once and for all when the Susanoh was destroyed by Kotetsushin Jeeg.



  • Many of Amaso's quotes are reference to other anime
    • In Episode 6, Amaso said "Haniwa Parts Shoot", and later "Haniwa Punch! Haniwa Buckler! Haniwa Palm! Die!", which is a reference to the original Kotetsu Jeeg anime, as Hiroshi frequently quote those in battle.
    • In Episode 12, Amaso said "You kicked me! Evem Queen Himika hasn't kick me yet!", which is a reference to a scene in the anime Mobile Suit Gundam where the main protagonist Amuro Ray complained about Bright Noa slapping him.