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Amaund Motierre is a supporting protagonist of Skyrim's Dark Brotherhood questline. He is a member of the emperor's elder council who hires the Dark Brotherhood to assassinate Emperor Titus Mede II.

He was voiced by Alexander Brandon, who also voiced Ancano.


Employing the Dark Brotherhood

Hiding in the crypt, Volunruud, with his bodyguard, Rexus, Motierre performs the Black Sacrament in order to hire the Dark Brotherhood. The Dragonborn soon arrives, and is greeted by Motierre. The latter asks for the emperor's assassination, and a few others leading up to it, and gives the Dragonborn a sealed letter and an elder council amulet.

The Dragonborn completes all the assassinations necessary to kill the emperor, however, one of the members ratted him out to Commander Maro in the hopes he would spare the Dark Brotherhood for killing his son. He goes back on the agreement and his agents lay waste to the sanctuary.

Upon hearing about the destruction of the Dark Brotherhood and the failed assassination attempt. He moves to the Bannered Mare of Whiterun, but is soon found by the Dragonborn. The Dragonborn asks for the real emperor's location as well as that of Maro. Motierre points the Dragonborn to the emperor's ship, the Katariah, and the Solitude docks for Maro's.


After fighting off the emperor's security, the Dragonborn confronts the emperor himself. He enters Mede's quarters, but is surprisingly expected by Mede. He asks for one last request, and if the Dragonborn agrees to listen, the emperor asks the Dragonborn to kill whomever ordered his assassination, before accepting his fate.

Upon returning to the Bannered Mare, Motierre reveals that the payment is in an urn back at Volunruud, before dismissing the Dragonborn, grateful their business is finally concluded, though the Dragonborn has the option to kill Motierre and fulfill Mede's dying request.

If the Dragonborn does so, Motierre will utter "But we had a deal", before dying. The Dragonborn then travels to Volunruud and finds 20,000 gold coins in an urn, and uses it to furnish the new Dark Brotherhood sanctuary.


Don't you have all the information you need? Please, the Emperor isn't going to kill himself. Hmph. Now wouldn't that be a blessing...
~ Motierre if the Dragonborn speaks to him again after being dismissed.
You assassins and your riddles. It does get very annoying, you know. Now if you'll excuse me.
~ Motierre not understanding the Dragonborn's intentions to kill him.
But we had a deal...
~ Motierre's last words.

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