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Henry "Hank" Howard, also known as The Amazing Bulk, is the protagonist villain of The Amazing Bulk, a parody of The Incredible Hulk. He is a scientist who tests an experimental super serum on himself, which causes him to turn into a giant purple monster when he gets angry.

He was portrayed by Jordan Lawson.


Hank Howard is a scientist working on a super serum for the American government, which he needs to complete in order to avoid being defunded. He tests it out on a lab rat, but it vaporises the rat. Hank is also planning to propose to his girlfriend Hannah, the daughter of General Darwin who he is working on the serum for. Hannah comes to pick him up for a date and they talk about having children.

Back at the lab, Hank develops another serum and tests it on another rat, but it just kills the rat. Later that night, Hank goes to General Darwin's mansion to ask for his blessing to marry Hannah. Hank and the general go down to the wine cellar and he asks the general for his blessing. The general refuses and tells him to get back to work on the serum, so Hank leaves.

Hank and Hannah go on a date at a theme park. Hank tries to propose to her on the subway, but a robber named Scully mugs him and takes the ring. After getting back to Darwin's mansion, Hank argues with Hannah about his work before going back to work on the serum. He injects his latest attempt into a dead plant and the plant comes back to life. Hank is excited but knows it won't be enough to convince the government not to defund them. He injects himself with it and collapses before turning into a giant purple monster, the titular "Amazing Bulk".

Turning back, Henry walks down the street and witnesses Skully murder an innocent prostitute. Enraged, he transforms into the Bulk and attacks Skully, who shoots him. The Bulk then kills Skully and runs away, but not before turning back into Hank and searching for the ring, which he doesn't find.

The next morning, Hank is visited by Detective Ray and Detective Lisa, who found his wallet at the crime scene due to Skully stealing it earlier. He denies killing Skully and the prostitute and the two detectives leave. Ray tells Lisa that he thinks Hank is the murderer because when they shook hands he got purple blood on his hand matching the blood found at the crime scene from when he was shot.

Ray and Lisa see Hank going to the crime scene and pursue him. Ray tries to arrest him, but he turns into the Bulk and runs away, knocking over multiple objects and killing several bystanders. He kicks a car and it lands on Lisa, crushing her to death. He destroys a news helicopter before turning back into Hank and being arrested.

Some time later, Hank is visited by General Darwin in prison. Darwin injects him with a sedative and takes him to a secret facility so he can have experiments performed on him. Soon after, Darwin tells Hank that they found a cure and that he can marry Hannah, but only if he kills insane supervillain Dr. Werner von Kantlove. Hank agrees and is dropped off at Dr. Kantlove's castle. He looks at a picture of General Darwin and gets angry, turning him into the Amazing Bulk. He scares two guards away, crushing one to death, before Kantlove sees him on his monitor and deploys a giant boulder named Rover to crush him. This fails as it only kills the other guard. The Bulk then comes across Kantlove's dim-witted wife Lolita, who is so stupid she mistakes him for Kantlove and tries to have sex with him before the Bulk punches her unconscious. After this, the Bulk finds Dr. Kantlove and kills him.

Turning back into Hank, he radios Gen. Darwin and tells him he killed Kantlove, but Darwin reveals that he lied about the antidote. He further reveals that he already defunded Hank's project, but Dr. Kantlove continued to fund it so he could use the serum to cure his erectile dysfunction. Darwin then sends soldiers to kill Hank, and after a long protracted chase a plane drops an a-bomb on the Bulk and seemingly kills him.

However, an inexplicably still alive Henry arrives at Darwin's mansion and asks Hannah to marry him. She says yes, but then Darwin comes in and attacks Hank. They fight out on a balcony, which they both fall off to their deaths. Later, Hannah visits Hank's grave and leaves flowers on it. Then Detective Ray arrives and urinates on his grave, and the film ends with the Bulk rising from the grave and attacking Ray.