The Amazing Rope Guy

The Amazing Rope Guy is an antagonist on the educationa PBS Kids show WordGirl. Unlike most of Word Girl's other enemies, Amazing Rope Guy is extremely incompetent when it comes to performing crimes and is usually defeated seconds after he tries to perform a crime. Amazing Rope Guy has no superhuman powers and, in spite of his name, he is not that good with rope, as shown in his first appearance when he is about to "take down" WordGirl and Captain Huggy Face.

He was voiced by Larry Murphy.


In "Sidekicked to the Curb", Amazing Rope Guy is seen trying to "lasso" up WordGirl and Captain Huggy Face and is unsuccessful, to which WordGirl replies that he is "not so amazing" at his rope skills. Amazing Rope Guy later receives assistance from The Whammer.

Amazing Rope Guy makes his big break in the episode "Oh, What a Tangled Knot You Tie, Amazing Rope Guy". The aforementioned episode reveals much more about Rope Guy than all of his brief cameos in other episodes. We discovers that, even though he is not very good with rope, he is very good at impressions of other people, particularly other villains. Despite how the impressions seemed terrible, only Reginald could figure out that Amazing Rope Guy was the real villain.

In "Mr. Big’s Big Plan", Amazing Rope Guy briefly appears at the beginning of the episode.

In "The Wrong Side of the Law", he was the only villain that did not get to run free while WordGirl was imprisoned. Most of his cameo appearances are not speaking parts and show him merely as part of a crowd.


Amazing Rope Guy wears a tight dark blue mask, a tight rubber dark blue outfit, tight yellow gloves, and tight yellow boots.


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