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Villain Overview

Amazo is a major antagonist in the 2021 film. It was a robot created to originally help Superman survey the Earth, until it betrayed him and attacked the entire Justice League.


Amazo is a tall humanoid android.


Amazo was created by Ra's al Ghul to make "safer world" for this work Ra' want to be a ally of Superman but unfortunate Kal not good idea team with the terrorist before say no Ra's al Ghu want to see his latest working the Amazo with this it can do making the world better But Superman decline it and left. but know Ra's al Ghul can waiting for him decide.

Following death of Jonathan Kent, Clark teamed with Ra's al Ghul about show him his latest work yet Amazo. Ra's explains to him that it invisible android but Superman doesn't know it really use it right away just be sure he test it first doing his hometown Smallville.

Samville have the event day Corn Festival have fun time when woman and child walking the dog until they spotting Amzo standing like the statue. Amazo being scan the boy but no criminal activity. Next he scan the man drop the littering that use laser beam zap the car cause blowing up with that everyone start panic and running. Police arrive to stop him when he scan say terminate zap police and parade them all killing them all then going aster mother and child about zap them until Superman to stop this.

Superman and Amazo starting fighting else without everyone involved Amzo use copy ability use against man of steel and winning just about to finishing him the League arrive saving him. he fighting the League Cyborg use plasma blasting on him then Hawkman use Nth Metal, to bashing his head but the grab it and absorbing it using Hawkaman own him then crushing his head killing him. Amazo goes after Cybrog but not down whiteout fight Cybrog blasting the big one put the end of this but Amazo is still standing he try again didn't working Amazo got to him he chopping this both his arms, his leg and remove this half face.

Wonder Woman and Superman weren't enough to stop him. until Batwing took to the sky and used laser beam destroying left wing.

Batman and Superman team up to take down killing machine at all coast. Amazo seeing the cube Portal where Mr Terrific about to destroy it when use the heat blast Wonder Woman shield it that cost plastics Man to step in to fight try use Elasticit on him everyone grabbing him as well Batman use freezer blast breaking Amzo in half giving now finish this Plastics Man use Elasticit inside Amazo blowing him up, destroying him and ending the terror.

Powers and Abilities

Power Replication


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