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The Amazonians are an all-female species of humanoid aliens who live on the planet Amazonia. They are villains from the FOX animated series, Futurama. They first appeared in the episode "Amazon Women in the Mood" and have made scarce and minor cameos ever since.


In "Amazon Women in the Mood", Fry, Bender, Leela, Amy, Zapp, and Kif crash-landed on Amazonia and were found by a tribe of three Amazonians. Thog, Kug, and Ornik, who kidnapped them and dragged them to their headquarters. The men were locked up in shackles and chains, while the women were set free. The Amazonians said that their society consisted entirely of women and that the men in their society died many years ago. Because of their planet's lack of men, they needed men to repopulate the earth and continue the history of their species.

The Amazonians took the men to their leader, who was a giant computer they called Femputer. Fry, Zapp, and Kif were chained to the walls, where they were chained to the wall and repeatedly raped by the Amazonians, (which was referred to as "Snoo Snoo" in their language). Bender was left alone because as a robot, he was worthless for reproduction with humanoid-based creatures.

While the boys got raped, Bender went to seduce the Femputer. Amy went in disguise as an Amazonian to get Kif out of his prison and the Amazonians chased her down. Amy ran to the Femputer's lair, where she was currently having sex with Bender. Seduced by Bender, the Femputer told the Amazonians to set the men free and bring Bender lots of gold. This allowed for Fry, Zapp, Leela, and Amy to escape Amazonia and for Bender to get rich.

Known Amazonians

  • Femputer
  • Thog
  • Kug
  • Ornik