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The Ambassador of Alagadda, designated by the SCP Foundation as both SCP-701-1 and SCP-2264-4, is a powerful cosmic entity who serves the Hanged King as a mobile agent and servant.


After Alaggada became the interdimensional nexus, the Ambassador of Alaggada/SCP-2264-4 became one of the Hanged King's closest advisors, alongside the four masked lords.

As the Hanged King himself could not move from his palace in Alagadda, the Ambassador became a key agent of the monarch, representing him in other realms of the multiverse, such as the Kingdom of Adytum. 

SCP-2264-4 influenced sixteenth century playwright Christopher Marlowe to write SCP-701 aka The Hanged King's Tragedy, five-act Caroline-era revenge tragedy, which would kill tens of thousands of people via anomalous ways.

The Ambassador allied with three of the lords to exile the Black Lord, since the lord had figured out that the Ambassador intentionally left the King in chains and did not wish to see him rise to power. The plan worked and the Black Lord was successfully exiled to "a dreadful dimensional backwater", while the Ambassador watched the carnival parade destroyed the lord's original body.

At some point he met the SCP Foundation Mobile Task Force Psi-9 ("Abyss Gazers") inside the palace, where decided to torture them with his psychic powers, destroying the bodies of all the agents, while laughing over the affair in it's alien language. Only one agent, Alexander Papadopoulos, was left alive and was taken to see the Hanged King. The Ambassador lifted the veil that covered the face of his master, and the eldritch horrors beneath turned agent Papadopoulos insane and wanting to commit suicide.

SCP-2264-4 then returned a mangled agent Papadopoulos to Earth, as warning for further missions to the city and to have the agent tell cosmic irrelevance about the human race.


Unlike his master, who appears to be an indifferent being, SCP-2264-4 is extremely malevolent and narcissistic, showing great pride over who he is and what he can do. This was notably shown when killed most agents of MTF Psi-9, laughing in amusement over the agony of the humans.


SCP-2264-4 is described as a humanoid entity, having "black flesh" and lacks any facial features, such as eyes, a nose or a mouth. On a first glance to being also appears to have a skintight outfit and high heels, which in fact are part of it's body and not clothing.

Powers and Abilities

SCP-2264-4 was able to travel through the multiverse, going as far as the Kingdom of Adytum and met the local Grand Karcist. He was also able to manipulate matter and reality with his mind. Despite all these powers, he is still a mere pawn to the Hanged King.


  • He bears a lot of resemblance of Nyarlathotep from the Cthulhu-mythos, with the narcissistic attitude and being described as a black humanoid.
  • While SCP-2264 is a Safe-class anomaly, SCP-2264-4 could be considered Eucild or Keter, since he appears to be openly hostile and malevolent towards humans, and can travel anywhere in the multiverse.
  • One of the few beings with two separate SCP-designations: SCP-701-1 and SCP-2264-5.


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