Amber Green

Amber Green is a one-time character who appeared on the Canadian animated sitcom Stoked.

Amber is a redhaired girl whom Fin McCloud toured with in the Junior Surfing Competition. She and Fin don't get along. When Reef sees Fin flirting with another guy, he dates Amber to make her jealous. Fin tries to warn him about her because Amber has a side to her that Reef doesn't know about, but he thinks Fin is just jealous and foolishly ignores her advice. Amber likes collecting snake skins, and made a shirt for Reef for their "wedding day", which starts to creep Reef out.

Villainous acts

  • Amber engages in stalkerish behavior by sneaking into Reef's room while he's sleeping and paints a picture of him, which she thinks "captures his soul".
  • She sneaks in again and cuts off a bunch of his hair to put in a locket, which also creeps Reef out when he finds out.
  • When Reef tries to break up with her, she gets distracted by a fly and brutally murders it. He finally goes to Fin for advice, getting down on his knees. Amber sees this and says he "better not be proposing to her", then drags him away by his ear.
  • After "breaking up" with Reef (although the "relationship" was mostly one-sided on Amber's side), she hooks up with Captain Clam, the clam mascot at Captain Ron's hotel, because Fin told her that he has a hot tub. She is later seen throwing Captain Clam overboard from Captain Ron's yacht at the end of the episode.


  • Amber appears to be Stoked's counterpart to two similar mentally unstable redhead characters in other Fresh TV-produced Teletoon shows, Lydia from 6teen and Izzy from the Total Drama series.