Amber Moore is a character in the bold and the Beautiful and the young and the Restless she is very scheming, manipulative and like to be with Rich Men she is known for her relaitionship with Rick and Rivarly with Brooke and Sheila. She fist appeared in B&b in 1997 where she babysitted Rick and Bridget she ended up seducing him and starting a romance with him which Brooke did not approve of Amber and Rick later got married because a scheme Amber pulled up she stole a baby and tricked Rick into believing it was theirs but Rick later found they later reunite but Amber romance with the childs father Deocon interferes she later kidnaps the child from Deocon and Rick divorces her.she also tried to seduce Thomas and blackmailed Ridge in order to Ridge refuses Amber takes action almost destroying she later leave LA. She later appears in y&r and befriends Kay who helps change her ways she learned the good ways but then she returned to her scheming ways seducing Cane and Daniel but fail and returns to LA and has a one night with Oliver which she thought was the father of her child and pretended it was Liam to gain Spencer fortune but failed she later found out it was Marcus and tried to break up her and Dayzees relaitionship but also failed she redates Rick and Wreaks Havoc she later failed her schemes and leaves for good.

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