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Pretty good impression eh?
~ Amelda's most famous quote after revealing himself as having being disguised as Pegasus J. Crawford.
It worked. You win.
~ Alister when he is defeated by Seto Kaiba

Amelda, also known as Alister, is a supporting character in the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise and the secondary antagonist for Seto Kaiba's entire story arc.

He appears only as a major antagonist in season four in the anime filler arc Waking the Dragons and 2 cameos in season five, he is one of Dartz's three main henchmen along with Rafael and Valon.

He was a young man who after his brother Mikey's disappearance in an attack which devastated their entire home town grew a grudge against KaibaCorp in a state of grief. However in truth, KaibaCorp isn't responsible of his brother's misfortune, but Dartz himself.

He was voiced by Ted Lewis, who also voiced Yami Bakura in the same series normally, and by Darren Dunstan while impersonating Pegasus J. Crawford who also voiced the aforementioned character.


During the war, Alister's younger brother Mikey was killed (captured in the 4Kids dub) by Dartz (disguised as Gozaburo) and he joined Dartz from here (unaware that it was he and not Gozaburo who wronged him). His main target was Seto Kaiba, as he hated him because of what he thought Gozaburo did (despite the fact that Kaiba, though he is quite mean sometimes, is not like Gozaburo and had nothing to do with any crimes he was thought to have committed). He disguised himself as Pegasus J. Crawford and dueled Kaiba eventually revealing his true identity. The theme of his deck was fire. He used the Seal of Orichalcos so that the loser of the duel would lose their soul but both their life points went down to zero and neither duelist lost their soul.

Alister had his rematch with Kaiba on a plane, using an army deck but lost and the Orichalcos took his soul. From where he was, however, he heard Dartz say that he was the responsible for what happened with his brother shortly before Rafael lost his soul. He was released when The Great Leviathan was defeated and was seen in The Grand Championship arc.

He later had another cameo appearance in Season 5 while Pegasus was talking.


Alister was a young man fueled by rage, fury and grief who had his mind clouded by Dartz's manipulations and the desire to avenge Mikey. As a child he was incredibly protective over his brother and wanted to try and give him the best possible life and after his death/kidnapping couldn't let go of his grief to the point of carrying around Mikey's favorite possession a charred up action figure of the superhero Dynadude as a reminder of what he's fighting for.

He seemed to get along quite nicely with his allies although showed a great deal of contempt for Mai Valentine something he shared with Rafael. After being freed from Dartz's control he let go of his grudge against Kaiba and seems to have found the peace to move on from what happened in his childhood or find his brother depending on the dub and sub.


Amelda was a pretty young man with a muscular tall build, lightly tanned skin and cherry red hair styled in something resembling a short bob. His most favored outfit was that of a midriff bearing tank top alongside blue jeans tucked into boots, a red long belt an orichalcos style necklace and fingerless biker gloves. Later on he also paired this outfit with a tricked out black leather trench coat with several silver accents adorning it. He was also usually seen wearing the Orichalcos duel disk on his arm.


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