Amelia Browne

Amelia Browne

Amelia Browne is the main antagonist from "Lovers and Other Killers", episode 1.06 of Murder, She Wrote.

She was portrayed by Lois Nettleton.


Amelia Browne is the secretary for Edmund Gerard, the dean of a college in Seattle. As indicated by Jessica Fletcher, however, Amelia was in love with Edmund, who was unaware of his secretary's affections. Her crush developed into an obsession, as she had been following Edmund and was furious to discover that he was engaged in an affair with married Lila Schroder. In a jealous rage, Amelia confronted Lila and later murdered her, and it was Jessica who found Lila collapsing on the ground.

Knowing that Jessica was on the case, the evil Amelia planned to eliminate her, beginning with setting up Jessica to appear at the college at night. After Jessica arrived, Amelia appeared as a heel in an all black disguise and attempted to kill Jessica by pushing her off the stairs. Jessica survives and figures out Amelia's role, leading to a confrontation. Amelia confessed to murdering Lila, after letting slip that she drives a blue car--which was parked at Lila's home. She stated that Lila caught her following Edmund, and she killed her to keep Lila from telling Edmund, who later heard Amelia's confession. When Edmund asked why, Amelia simply replied that she loved him, and afterwards, Amelia was arrested (offscreen) for killing Lila and attempting to kill Jessica.


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