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Because it's just not my day, is it? You little bitch.
~ Amelia revealing to be possessed by a demon to Claire

Amelia Novak was the wife of Jimmy Novak, Castiel's human vessel. She appeared twice on Supernatural: in Season Four's "The Rapture" and in Season Ten's "Angel Heart." Amelia turned villainous when she was possessed in "The Rapture".

"The Rapture" featured Castiel out of his vessel, Jimmy Novak, who later returns home to his wife, Amelia, and daughter, Claire. The family are attacked by demons who are after Jimmy, for obvious reasons. One is killed while the other leaves her vessel, and Amelia and Claire are left with each other while Jimmy leaves with Sam and Dean. When Claire asks about her father leaving, she is suddenly slapped by Amelia, who is revealed to be possessed by a demon and snarls at Claire.

Demon Amelia contacts Jimmy and tells him that she's holding Amelia hostage at an abandoned farmhouse, where Jimmy, Sam, and Dean arrive. Sam uses his demon blood powers to successfully exorcise the demon from Amelia. In "Angel Heart" during Season Ten, Amelia was held captive by a Grigori, and later sacrifices herself to save Claire. She is in Heaven reunited with the real Jimmy.


  • Amelia Novak was played by Wynn Everett in Season Four's "The Rapture," and by Leisha Hailey in Season Ten's "Angel Heart."