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The Americops are a vigilante organization from Marvel comics and enemies of Captain America, while they originally sought the fairly noble cause of lowering crime rates in areas under their protection they would soon become a sinister and cruel society that endangered the communities around themselves and earned the attention of Captain America, Marvel heroes and law-enforcement in general.

The Americops themselves take their name and dress code from the original Americop, who followed similar beliefs but was seen as deceased at the time of the organizations creation.


The Americops were creates as a private police force by Keane Industries, using the same dress and ideals as the deceased vigilante Americop, while they earned a reputation for dramatically lowering the crime rate in areas they were deployed to they also rapidly became known for targetting minorities and using tactics such as harassment, profiling and excessive force (all of which they and Keane Industries denied).

The Americops eventually revealed their true purpose and it was far from noble, instead of truly seeking to stop crime the organization was moving in on vulnerable areas in order to harass the inhabitants of these areas into leaving - allowing Keane Industries to move in and gentrify the now vacant patches of land.


The Americops are trained law-enforcers with firearms and body-armor but are otherwise non-superhuman, they can be seen as a private police force - unlike true police the Americops do not abide by the legal laws of the land and thus are not restricted by things that real law enforcers are (such as the requirement of permits or the reading of one's right) - most obviously they are completely immune to the police brutality laws (at least within their own organization).

as such they function more as a paramilitary / vigilante group than proper law enforcement.



  • Much like Americop himself the organization are a clear protest / insight into well-known police corruption, especially in the United States, albeit greatly dramatized for the setting (since superhero fiction is largely melodrama by design).