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Amigara Fault is a fictional location / Eldritch Abomination from the infamous short horror manga known as the Enigma of Amigara Fault.


The Amigara Fault is formed after a great earthquake and becomes a place that draws hundreds (possibly thousands) of people to it after mysterious holes are discovered on the side of the mountain: each hole seems to be in the shape of a human and scientists have no clue as to how they could of been made as they defied nature yet seemed to be impossible for humans to have made (especially since they must of been ancient in design).

The story concerns two travellers and how they struggle with an increasing sense of doom, watching as people start to enter the holes and disappear into the mountain - all of them claiming to have found a hole specifically made for them, which was the reason they travelled to the area.

One of the main protagonists suffers increasingly horrific nightmares concerning being trapped inside one of these holes both as one of the other travellers and as a (presumably) past life flash-back dating to cave-man times, each nightmare shows the victim being horrifically drawn deeper and deeper into the mountain as their bodies are held in place by the hole, which starts to twist and turn as they get deeper - causing their bodies to become horrifically mangled yet kept alive by some demonic force.

Eventually both protagonists disappear into the mountain, finding themselves unable to fight against the power of the Amigara Fault.

This leads to an infamous ending in which scientists uncover another fault at the other side of the mountain filled with strange holes that are no longer human in shape - in fact they are very irregular: wishing to see if these holes are indeed connected to the human-like holes on the other side one scientist investigates.

This results in the scientist recoiling in horror as a horrifically mutilated figure starts to slowly make its way out of the Fault, unable to do anything but utter the now famous line of "Drr.. Drr..".


  • the horror tale developed an online meme in the form of "This is my hole" as well as the infamous "Drr Drr" - which is the sound the last victim makes in the comic.
  • the exact reasoning behind the Amigara Fault or how it possesses its victims is left unanswered, further adding to its Lovecraftian nature.
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