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Amir El Kahr is the fourth major villain in Die Hard Trilogy 2: Viva Las Vegas.


Amir was from the Middle East. He was a terrorist and expert in biological warfare. At some point, Amir moved to the city of Las Vegas, Nevada where he started a career in bio chemistry.

Eventually, Amir was discovered by Reese Hoffman who was the owner of the Roaring 20's Casino. Reese was planning to take over Las Vegas. He was joined by his secretary Elena Goshkin and prison warden Kenny Sinclair. They recruited Amir in the scheme. Reese intended for Amir to set off a biological bomb that would destroy the entire populace of Las Vegas. This would remove any possible obstacles.

During a party in honor of Kenny's new role as the warden of Mesa Grande Prison, an outbreak occurred. The inmates escaped their cells and were assisted by the prison's guards. Both groups began attacking the people at the party. Kenny's best friend, John McClane, was at the party. After hearing about the situation, John began searching for answers. He managed to kill the guards and most of the inmates. The remaining inmates escaped in two buses. John followed the remaining inmates to a desert warehouse. He terminated all of them including the most dangerous inmate Victor Rashenko.

After killing Rashenko in a fire fight, John searched Rashenko's office. He encountered a radio feed from another terrorist who was working for Viktor. Unaware of Victor's death, the terrorist said that the bio chemist Amir El Kahr was preparing a biological bomb. John traced the signal to the Hoffman Biotech lab where Amir worked. Disguised in a Hazmat suit, John infiltrated the entire lab. At the same time, Amir activated the bomb. After searching the entire lab and acquiring three key cards, John found Amir in the central room. Amir electronically locked the door and activated a laser gun. McClane managed to turn off the gun by destroying four generators. This forced Amir into using a flamethrower to kill McClane. Despite being trapped and outgunned, McClane still killed Amir. He took a fourth key card from Amir's dead body. Using all four of the key cards, John deactivated the bomb.


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