Amkot Groell was a minor villain in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine novel Antimatter. He was a Bajoran engineer and ship builder who worked as the director of Bajor's Okana Shipyards.

During the Cardassian Union's occupation of Bajor Amkot worked with the Cardassian overseers to keep his shipyard open and functional under the premise that he was preserving the location as a museum. For this some of his fellow Bajorans labeled him as a collaborator. After the Cardassians left Bajor, The Circle came to him and informed him that while they knew he was a collaborator they would allow him to live as long as he did as he was told.

When the Federation Starfleet approached Bajor about building a starship for them under contract, Amkot was forced to agree to it as a means of training members of the Circle in building starships and honing their other engineering skills. The Circle told him who to hire and fire from the construction project, resulting in them controlling most of the ship being built for Starfleet, which was named the USS Hannibal. When Captain Benjamin Sisko and Major Kira Nyers visited the shipyards to view the progress on the Hannibal, Amkot set them both up to be assassinated either by planting explosives on one of the yard's arches or directing someone to do so. Learning of the antimatter shipment on the way to the shipyards, he passed that information on to The Circle, which was able to briefly hijack the shipment.

Amkot informed Kira that The Circle was pulling the strings at the shipyards, but managed to convince her to let him continue working on the Hannibal. At this point he only wanted to live long enough to see his ship fly. After the antimatter was retreived, the Hannibal was soon launched. A short time later Amkot committed suicide as he was tired of being controlled by others.

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