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Don't tell Mama.
~ Amma to Camille.

Amity “Amma” Crellin is a main character and the main antagonist in HBO’s Sharp Objects, as the murderer of Ann Nash and Natalie Keene.

She is portrayed by Australian actress Eliza Scanlen.


She is the younger half-sister of the protagonist Camille and the daughter of Adora and Alan Crellin. When she is in the house, she dresses all fancy and acts like a child but whenever she is outside of the house, she roller skates around town drunk and high with her friends while bullying all of the other people in town.

Whenever she is at home, she plays with her dollhouse and gets coddled by her mother. She has a complicated relationship with her sister Camille which she bonds with her sister at one point but later on, she taunts her with Detective Richard Willis by putting a licked lollipop in her hair.

It is eventually revealed that Adora has been secretly poisoning Amma for years, keeping her sick to get attention and sympathy for herself.

She tells Camille that hides her rebellious side to Adora, and wants to leave Wind Gap and moved in with Camille.

Amma is behind the murder of Ann Nash and Natalie Keene, as the two gained Adora's attention (Ann being tutored by Adora and the latter trying to help Natalie). In addition, Amma appeared to be dressed in white in her murders, as she was seen by the neighborhood kid. There is a possibility that Amma knows of the legend of the Woman in White, and used it to get away with the murders.

After Adora was arrested for poisoning and nearly killing Camille, Amma moved with her half-sister to St. Louis, taking her dollhouse. Amma befriends Mae, but kills her when she tries to gain Camille's "attention" and impress her. Camille learns of this by finding teeth in the dollhouse, revealing that she is the killer. Amma sees Camille holding the tooth, and tells her not to tell mama. In the credits, Amma and her friends are seen killing the girls and being dressed in white.


Even though she is not as obviously mentally ill as her mother Adora, Amma is still a cruel and sociopathic person who takes delight out of pain on others such as destroying the flowers from the memorial stand as well as making a morbid meme of the victim's brother being accused of murder. She also has an odd fascination with looking at pigs before they get slaughtered such as when she skated to the pig farm and picked up a baby pig while smirking.

She is not completely heartless however such as when Camille showed the family her scars all over her body and unlike her mother Adora, Amma felt remorse because she did not know what happened to Camille.

Amma shows herself to be intelligent, as she can manipulate anyone with ease as shown with Adora's treatment of her. In addition, this caused the police of Missouri to think that it was a man who killed the girls, not believing woman are capable to doing such things. She also makes herself be sympathetic in public, as everyone worried about her when she ran away amidst John Keene and Bob Nash's fight.

Amma is also selfish and quick to jealousy, as she murdered Ann and Natalie due them gaining Adora "attention". Though she befriended Mae, she immediately killed her because she was trying to impress Camille with her career choice.



  • Amma's name is an anagram for "Mama".
  • There is a theory that Camille is Amma’s real mother due to a large age gap between the 2 characters as well as Camille getting raped by the drama teacher.