Ammonchi is one of the villains who appears in Chris Heimerdinger's Tennis Shoes Adventure Series. He serves as a supporting antagonist in both Kingdoms and Conquerors and Drums of Desolation. He is the Banner Chief and personal secretary of the Nephite army's Fox Division led by Joshua Plimpton.

Kingdoms and Conquerors

In Ammonchi's first appearance, he informs Joshua Plimpton that the army's tracking hounds have been killed. A soldier named Gabriel immediately suspects Marcos Alberto Sanchez, as he had fed the dogs last night. Ammonchi reinforces the belief that Marcos poisoned the food and intends to murder Joshua. Marcos denies the rumors and tells them he suspects that it was a Wolf Witch assassin who did it. Joshua ends up ordering an investigation of the attempted assassination while he goes to seek an audience with General Mormon.

Ammonchi accompanies Joshua, Garth, Marcos, Nompak, and one hundred Nephite soldiers to Cumorah, where Mormon is located. On the way, they are ambushed by a Wolf Witch assassin. Ammonchi orders his soldiers to chase down the assassin and capture him. Though they are successful, the rest of their army is attacked by an army of Wolf Witches. Because of this, Joshua, Nompak, and Marcos suspect Ammonchi to have been the one who instigated the ambush. They take the captured Wolf Witch with them to Cumorah, though he dies of blood loss on the way.

When the Nephites reach Cumorah, Ammonchi introduces Joshua to Zenephi. During the introduction, Joshua and Garth observe Ammonchi's and Zenephi's reactions to each other's statements and deduce that Ammonchi was indeed involved in the attempted murder on Joshua.

Drums of Desolation

When Joshua and Marcos return from their mission to recover the Golden Plates, they find that Ammonchi has taken command over the Fox Division. Through dialogue, it is heavily implied that Ammochi poisoned Kigron (who Joshua had left in charge) in order to do this. Ammonchi returned from Cumorah and told the Nephites under his command that Mormon has ordered him to retreat to their district and prepare a counterattack against the Lightning Warriors; however, this is a lie. Ammonchi intends to abandon the battle entirely and move his people to the north.

Joshua, Marcos, and the soldiers still loyal to Joshua attack Ammonchi's encampment and find Ammonchi. After being wounded in the battle, Ammonchi is brought before Joshua. Joshua accuses Ammonchi of murder, to which Ammonchi tells him that he holds him and Mormon responsible for the deaths of the Nephites. Ammonchi goes on to explain his true intentions with the army. Enraged, Joshua calls Ammonchi a lying deceiver and starts to gather the Wolf Witches that are siding with him. Ammonchi, along with the rest of the Wolf Witches, is executed by the Nephite soldiers that are still loyal to Joshua.

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