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A trauma patient that does not remember who he was.
~ The summary of the Amnesiac.

The Amnesiac is one of the neutral evil/benign roles in the mystery role-playing game Town of Salem.


Official Backstory

At the graveyard past the meadows of Salem, amidst the broken gravestones and drooping willow trees, a man strolls along a path every day. Nobody knows him or whatever he came here for, and he knows nobody - not even himself.

Past the narrow path, he looks down to each crumbling slab of rock, at the worn names and chiselled last words from people whose faces he's never known. His clothes are ragged just as his memories are shattered, and sometimes he imagines himself lying in the graveyard, under a different face, under a different name that wasn't written on him.

But one night, under the round moon, he stumbles over one fresh gravestone that wasn't there the night before. Sifting aside the dirt, he reads a name and smiles at a jolt across his mind. He knows where he left off, and it's time for him to get back down to business.

~ The backstory of the Amnesiac.

Town of Salem

Amnesiac is a roleless person. They wait for the dead person and select one of the roles from deceased players. They can choose a Town member and become a hero, or choose the dark side with the evil roles. They can choose only one role.

However, there is some roles in specific situations that the Amnesiac can not choose them;

  • The roles cleaned by Janitor / stoned by Medusa
  • Unique roles if another amnesiac already remembered them; All members of the Coven, Ambusher, Godfather, Jailor, Juggernaut, Mayor, Plaguebearer, Pirate, Pestilence, Retributionist and Veteran.

If there are multiple Amnesiacs in a game and they try to remember a unique role at same night, one will remember and the others will fail.

The limit of four members of the Mafia, Coven and Vampires can be surpassed if multiple Amnesiacs remember as them.

Winning Conditions

In order to win, they need to remember a role and complete that role's goal. If the Amnesiac dies before remembering a role, they lose.

In the former versions of the game, Amnesiac could win without selecting a role if they stayed alive until the end. However, this was changed. If the Amnesiac does not remember a role, they will lose. They must select a role and complete the role's goal.

Investigation Results

  • Sheriff: "You cannot find evidence of wrongdoing. Your target seems innocent."
  • Investigator: "Your target could be a Survivor, Vampire Hunter, Amnesiac, Medusa, or Psychic."
  • Consigliere: "Your target does not remember their role. They must be an Amnesiac."


There are some achievements that can be earned by perform tasks. They are the achievements that dedicated to the Amnesiac:

  • Oblivious: Win 1 game.
  • Forgetful: Win 5 games.
  • Clouded Mind: Win 10 games.
  • Blackout: Win 25 games.
  • Still Neutral: Remember the Survivor role.
  • I am who I am.: Remember the Amnesiac role.
  • Taking Sides: Remember a Mafia member.


  • In former versions;
    • Amnesiac was able to choose cleaned targets by Janitor as long as they weren't unique.
    • Amnesiac was unable to choose any unique role, even non-Town.
    • Before the Retributionist rework, Amnesiac could not remember unique Town roles.
  • If a Amnesiac tries to remember a role forged by a Forger, he will remember the true role and not the forged one.


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