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Amnion is a monster and an antagonist that appears in the Silent Hill series, appearing as the final boss of Silent Hill: Homecoming inside an alternate version of The Order's Lair. This agile and brutal beast is a monstrous and vindictive manifestation of Alex Shepherd's memories of his younger brother Joshua Shepherd who drowned accidentally through his fault while on a boat in Toluca Lake.


Amnion is a huge monster that resembles a giant spider with the body of a heavily pregnant woman with mechanical arms. The woman's body is swollen as if after a long stay in the water and her eyes are closed, making her asleep, and her face can expand like a telescope. In addition, a black umbilical cord emerges from her mouth, which is connected with the genital tract.


Alex Shepherd enters the Order's Lair, where members buried the children's bodies after sacrificing them. After solving the puzzle, Alex begins to remember what happened that night when Joshua accidentally drowned in Toluca Lake when Alex tried to take his family ring from him. In addition, Alex learns that he was to be sacrificed, but Joshua's death ruined the ritual and broke the whole pact, and Alex's parents, not wanting to lose their second son, refused to make the sacrifice by sending him to the Alchemilla Hospital. At this point, the entire Lair changes into its alternative version, and after a while, Amnion descends from the ceiling, starting the fight with Alex who has to fight the manifestation of his memories and guilt. Alex, however, manages to defeat and kill Amnion.


Amnion attacks with her legs, but mostly hits with her two front arms. In the first phase, the Amnion attacks by sweeping widely or hitting the ground with its two front legs. When she begins to inhale and widens her face, she immediately splashes toxic bile from her mouth, hurting Alex. And when Alex gets too close to her, Amnion hits him by crushing him without giving him time to counterattack.

In the second phase, Amnion uses different attacks and her attitude changes. Now she looks straight at Alex while lying down and uses the front legs as a hand. Now her attacks are much faster and brutal, keeping those from the first phase. Additionally, now she can punch her front arms to crush Alex, but this is also her weakness as it then causes them to get stuck in the floor and unable to remove them, making Amnion vulnerable for a short time. She can also shoot toxic bile upwards like a fountain. In addition, she can catch Alex when he is under her legs, pick him up and hit him on the ground without giving him a chance to break free.


Amnion's appearance is symbolic and is derived from how Joshua Shepherd died. His brother Alex Shepherd caused Joshua to drown in the lake during an argument on a boat in Toluca Lake. Amnion seems to represent Joshua's anger towards Alex for his death and for Alex's willingness to accept what he did. Additionally, Amnion symbolizes Alex's guilt for Joshua's death.

Josh loved collecting and watching insects, especially spiders. Having many legs, Amnion's appearance resembles a giant spider, and when she dies, she curls her legs in exactly the same way as a spider. Amnion is somewhat reminiscent of Arachne, a spider woman in Greek and Roman mythology, whose pride made her not notice where she came from, which may be a representation of Alex's refusal to realize his brother's death. Additionally, Amnion's neck and head, and how it can expand and zoom in, is revealed by the lens and is a reference to Joshua's love of photography.

Amnion's swollen body shows Joshua's death - it is gray and pale blue in color, which shows that Joshua drowned in the lake, and these features are often found in drowning victims. Additionally, the Amnion's legs look like they are covered in rust, and rust appears when metal, and in this case, iron, is under the influence of water.


  • The name Amnion comes from the word "amniotic sac".
  • Amnion is one of two bosses in Silent Hill: Homecoming (the other being Asphyxia) who is not responsible for the death of a parent, being the embodiment of his parents' memories of their murdered child. However, while fighting Amnion, Alex's parents Adam and Lilian are no longer alive.
  • Like many other monsters and characters from Homecoming, Amnion was designed by artist Kenzie LaMar.
  • By defeating Amnion on the Xbox 360 version, unlocks the "Head Over Water" achievement.
  • A photo taken by Joshua in his backyard shows a giant spider and a toy soldier which is a reference to the final fight.


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