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High Priest Amnon

We here present acknowledge your conviction and birth right to the throne of Alusura. By the power vested in me by your predecessor, and by the power of the Nameless God, I, Amnon, High Priest of the 1st Temple, hereby crown you, Princess Scara Yuno. Euphemia Herosetta, ruler of all Alusura. May the Nameless bless your years of reign.
~ Amnon crowning Scara Queen of Alusura.
Really? You’re going to throw furniture at me? I thought Crown Wardens were supposed to be titans on the battlefield.
~ Amnon Taunting Simon during their battle.

High Presit Amnon is one of the main antagonists of the Terra Finite book series, as well as its central antagonist.

He is the archenemy of the series' protagonist Simon Braider and serves as the main antagonist of The Cogs of Alasura and the secondary antagonist of the Pendant Chronicles trilogy.


Amnon serves as the high priest to the royal family of Alusura while also acting in a secret affair with princess Scara. His desire to help Scara leads to him being manipulated by the messenger and unleashing the fungari plague.


Amnon comes across as a guy who acts on his emotional status or how he is feeling in the moment, whatever he wants he gets. He is a cold calculating individual who desires to see his plans fulfilled to the end in order to please Scara, unaware or blinded to how it is truly affecting her. However, he is also someone who doesn't underestimate his opponent yet at the same time underestimates then, this is demonstrated when after trying to win Scara back all she shows is hatred for him and views him as an enemy.

Despite coming across as someone who can lose it in terms of his emotions, his status of always acting based on his emotions can apply to positive emotions as he is very much in love with Scara, despite her showing dislike for him for the emotional manipulation he has put her through.

Powers And Abilities

Despite his almost frail appearance, Amnon has plenty of power capable of overwhelming stronger opponents, this is demonstrated during his first fight against Simon where, despite Simon being stronger and more opposing then him he is able to easily overpower and nearly kill him thanks to having his body mutated by the fungari plague.

He is also a master manipulator as he was able to worm his way into the heart of Scara and gain her trust in order to bring about the fungari plague.


  • Despite him being an underling to the true main antagonist of the series, Amnon serves as the central antagonist of the entire series due to his hand in many of the events that drive the series.
  • Amnon is the overarching antagonist of the entire series, being the one that is behind almost every major event in the series as well as interacting either directly or indirectly with every major protagonist.
  • Amnon is by far the most sinister and evil of the villains in the series which could make him more of the main antagonist then even the true main antagonist due to how much influence he has had on the lives of every one of the main protagonists.