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Amon the Dragon Emperor (in Japanese: 龍帝アモン, Ryūtei Amon), simply known as Amon, is a minor antagonist in the Fist of the North Star spinoff/prequel Legends of the Dark King.

He was voiced by Katsuhisa Hōki in the Japanese version, and Todd Waite in the English dubbed version.


Amon was the founder of the Cassandra Prison. He fortified the city with traps to keep invaders out, but many of his own soldiers including his son, Zenos were killed by the traps.

When Raoh comes to the prison city to take it over, Amon becomes aware of his presence. Seeing how they are in the same room as him, Raoh points out the old man he met outside is Amon's brother.

Amon then attempts to kill Raoh with his Taikyoku Ryuken technique, Hiryuu Genbu, but Raoh deflects the attack. Seeing that he has lost, Amon activates a lever making the room shake violently in an effort to kill Raoh and his party. Just as he says he'll have Zenos succeed him, Souga warns his son was killed by the traps as per the message of the elder.

Having realized the truth, Amon believes them before a part of the ceiling crushes Amon to death. His position is then taken over by Uighur.

Powers and Abilities

Using Taikyoku Ryuken, Amon's only known usage of the technique has him fire dragons of energy.


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