Amos is a minor antagonist from Dragons: Race to the Edge, who first appeared in the episode "Midnight Scrum". He is the main antagonist from the episode, "Sandbusted".


Midnight Scrum

Amos kidnapped the unconscious Hiccup in order to trade him for bounty, but later rescued by Stoick and the Dragon Riders.


Here, Amos appeared as the main antagonist. He attempted to steal the necklace from Hiccup. That necklace is Hiccup's gift to Astrid. Amos, Hiccup and Snotlout got pulled down from the sand by the Sandbuster Dragon. That dragon's weakness is sunlight, so Hiccup made a sunlight enclosure by breaking the surface, the sunlight enclosure did not contain it. Later, the other Riders rescued them.


Amos appears as a typical Viking with a brown leather shirt and horned helmet. He also appears to be bald under his helmet.


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