Amset-Ra is the main antagonist of the Lego Pharaoh's Quest line. He is an undead mummy who has risen to take over the world.


Many years ago, Amset-Ra was the pharaoh of ancient Egypt. Though he could control the beasts of the desert, and had enchanted mummies as his servants, he still wanted more power. So he ordered his servants to craft six magical treasures that would give him the ultimate power-power that would allow him to take over the world.

The treasures were completed, but before Amset-Ra could use them, the treasures were stolen from him. While his minions were searching for them, Amset-Ra was defeated and imprisoned inside his pyramid.

Many years later, Amset-Ra rose to power once more, immediately mounting a search for his magical treasures. However, a team of brave adventurers consisting of Jake Raines, Archibald Hales, Mac McCloud, and Helena Skvalling learned of his plot and moved to stop him.

The adventurers fought the guardians and obtained all of the treasures, but Amset-Ra's minions stole the treasures from them and brought them to Amset-Ra. The adventurers, not wanting to stay defeated for long, came to his pyramid to stop him. After a brief struggle, the adventurers were able to lock Amset-Ra inside his sarcophagus once more, taking the treasures with them as they left.

Shortly after Amset-Ra's defeat, his final minion, Sobek-Ra, awakened to avenge his master's defeat. Fortunately, the adventurers were able to defeat him.

Physical Description

Amset-Ra's minifigure has a doulbe-sided head. One side depicts his golden mummy mask, while the other shows his rotting face underneath his bandages. His torso's printing has nougat gold bandages, along with a gold necklace with a big ruby in the middle.


As a pharaoh, Amset-Ra had the ability to control his minions and the creatures of the desert. However, the six golden treasures granted him even more powers.

  • Golden Nemes-the most powerful treasure, this headdress gives its user the power to see visions of the future. Amset-Ra has to wear it on his head to harness the other treasures' powers.
  • Golden Sword-guarded by a huge and powerful sphinx, this weapon gives its user the strength and fighting ability of all the ancient Egyptian armies.
  • Golden Crystal-this treasure allows Amset-Ra to command every living creature that walks upon the earth.
  • Golden Staff-this weapon enhances the powers of Amset-Ra's loyal mummy soldiers. When Amset-Ra wields the staff, his armies are unstoppable.
  • Soul Diamond-gives Amset-Ra the ability to create illusions to confuse his enemies.
  • Golden Scarab Shield-protected by the stone cobra and the mummy snake charmer, this weapon makes its user invincible.
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