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Awwww, I'll miss you, sis! Not much, but, heh, probably not at all. LATER!
~ Amy, after kicking Samey off of her.

Amy is a contestant and a minor antagonist in Total Drama Pahkitew Island. She is the cruel, stuck-up, mean-spirited, and abusive twin sister of Samey, and she frequently tries to take credit for ideas Samey comes up with.

Along with Samey, she was voiced by Bryn McAuley who also voiced Taylor in Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race.


Total Drama Pahkitew Island

Amy, along with the rest of the new cast, debuted in "So, Uh This Is My Team?". She was first seen on the zeppelin, with the rest of the new cast, being disgusted by Beardo's beat boxing. She quickly makes Samey switch seats with her, until she sees the "giant", Jasmine, and makes Samey switch back. When Chris forces the cast to jump out, Amy was lucky enough to get a bag with a parachute, and quickly kicks a struggling Samey off of her, leaving her to fall. To her disappointment, Samey had a parachute, however she gets enjoyment after using Samey to break her fall. Amy, along with the rest of the contestants with parachutes, was placed on team Pimâpotew Kinosewak. During the challenge, Amy was assigned to help Samey and Rodney put wood in the wheel barrel, however she and Samey weren't that helpful, as Amy just used Samey as a human shield to protect from Chef's tennis balls.

It's hard to tell Amy's role in making their home, because Pimâpotew Kinosewak was not shown making their shelter, but she was shown happy when they won the challenge. However, later in the episode "Twinning Isn't Everything", she costs her team the challenge and manipulatively got everyone except Jasmine to vote for Samey, but her plan fails since Samey tricks her into eating a deadly green apple and tricks Chris into thinking she is Amy, causing her elimination which she was not as happy about.

In "A Blast from the Past", Amy returns to the island looking like a zombie, which scares Shawn for most of the day. Eventually, she reveals herself as the “zombie” Shawn witnessed, but in a twist she shakes off the mud and moss and reveals herself as Amy, to the shock of the other contestants. In a rage, she confronts Samey and they both fought each other which cost Samey's team the challenge, causing the latter to be voted off by her teammates. After Jasmine is spared from the cannon, Amy and Samey continued fighting until they both got shot out of the cannon together by Chris, due to wanting to avoid confusing the two again.

along with Samey, Amy was never seen again in the sixth season afterward.





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  • Many fans consider her as the most hated Total Drama contestant, especially as one of the mean girls, because she mainly abuses her twin sister, Samey, and convincing most of the other contestants that she is better than her sister, while at the same time not focusing much on winning the competition.
  • It was never explained why she was abusive towards Samey.


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