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Amy Barlow is a fictional character and major protagonist of the ITV British soap opera Coronation Street.

She is portrayed by Elle Mulvaney.


Amy Barlow was born in Weatherfield dated 9th February 2004 as the child of local residents Steve McDonald and Tracy Barlow.

Over the years, Amy grew up with a rough childhood as a result of her mother's antics. This involved Tracy having an affair with Roy Cropper and tricking him into believing that he was Amy's father, sabotaging Steve's wedding with her love rival Karen Phillips, and going to prison for several years after killing her cheating boyfriend Charlie Stubbs in 2007. Three years later in 2010, Tracy returned and had trouble reconciling with Steve and their daughter.

In 2014, Amy started to inherit some of her mother's devious antics ever since she and her cousin Simon Barlow were bullied by schoolgirls Grace Piper and Faye Windass. Such matter was taken further when Amy began bullying Simon and also lied about their nanny, Maddie Heath, being horrible to them after growing jealous of all the attention Simon had; this was due to the fact that Simon's father, Peter Barlow, had been wrongfully imprisoned for killing his mistress Tina McIntyre after she had been killed by Tracy's soon-to-be-husband Rob Donovan. In the end Rob was caught out and jailed, though not before Peter had been harrased in prison by Simon's father Jim McDonald.

In 2015, Amy's life was endangered when she slept over at the house of Tracy's nemesis Carla Connor and later that night Tracy set fire to the house in an attempt to kill Carla - not knowing that Amy was inside in the building. In the end Amy was rescued, but both Maddie and fellow neighbour Kal Nazir were caught in the explosion and killed as a result of Tracy's actions. Soon enough, Tracy was caught out and arrested; Amy watched in horror as her mother was taken to custody for her crimes. That same year, Amy was threatened by Simon when she noticed his behaviour spiraling out of control to the point where he began hurting his mother Leanne Battersby - especially after she had been held hostage by her ex-client Dan Jones.

In 2017, Amy is suspected in the attack on her grandfather Ken Barlow when he collapses on the stairs. Not long afterwards, Rob escaped prison and Tracy went on the run with Amy. She learned about Rob's return and was scared initially as well as angry at her mother for lying, but in the end Amy convinced them of her innocence. She also confronted her cousin Adam Barlow when he unintentionally endangers their lives due to his involvement with gang boss Ronan Truman. Eventually, Ken's attacker was revealed to be his son Daniel Osbourne even though the family and local villain Pat Phelan were accused at the time.

As the years went on, Amy caused trouble for Simon by dating his enemy Tyler Jefferies and later getting pregnant with their child. She soon had a secret abortion without telling her parents, but they comfort Amy in the end. In 2022, Amy started a relationship with former drug dealer Jacob Hay and defended him against Simon after the latter calls out Jacob for being partly responsible for getting him and Leanne into an ordeal with drug lord Harvey Gaskell months ago.


  • Elle Mulvaney (the actress who played Amy Barlow) won the "Best Young Actor" award at the 2017 British Soap Awards.