Amy Brewer is a minor villain from Marvel Comics.


Amy Brewer died of food poisoning on the eve of her Wedding to her fiance Malcolm. However, although Amy’s body was dead her mind kept working. Her body was autopsied and buried and she was driven mad as her body rotted away. Amy’s mutant ability activated allowing her to move her decaying body so she could claw her way out of her grave. Feeling abandoned and alone Amy used her powers to animate other corpses and sent them to kidnap guests for a wedding ceremony. X-Factor and Alpha Flight were sent to investigate the disappearances, which led them into conflict with her.

After an initial confrontation when Amy attempted to destroy both teams for disturbing her wedding, Jeanne-Marie was able to convince Malcolm that love was not something that death controlled. The ceremony took place and Amy Brewer died in her husband's arms.

Powers and Abilities

  • Necromancy: Amy Brewer was a mutant whose powers did not activate until after her death. Her mind did not die at the same time as her body and was aware of her death and autopsy. Once she was buried, she was able to summon up the will to revive her body. Eventually, she was able to control other corpses.


  • Amy's powers were fueled by her anger, once that faded her powers did as well.

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