Amy Mercedes

Amy Mercedes was the spoiled entrepreneur of Mercedes Cosmetics in Batman: Gotham Adventures, a tie-in comics to The New Batman Adventures.


Amy owned Mercedes Cosmetics, a cosmetic company that is responsible for running an illegal animal testing lab that subjects animals to horrific experiments for cosmetic specifically vivisection. When Catwoman helped Batman  defeat a group of carjackers, one of the carjackers leads Catwoman to the testing lab own by Mercedes.

She rescues the animals and calls the Animal Rights League to pick them up. The director told her that they have to put them to sleep because of their limited budget and medicine.

Catwoman kidnaps Amy Mercedes and threatens her with death if one of the cats don't survive. Mercedes calls Catwoman a liberal weirdo and kicks a cat, calling the animal a ratbag. Catwoman was furious and jumped on Mercedes, pointing that cats suffered for her hair dye.

Amy taunts the vigilante who was about to attack her until she was stopped by Batman. He points out to Catwoman that once Mercedes' practices reach the news, she would be bankrupt.

Although he sympatizes with Catwoman, he admires her too much to let her to keep Mercedes hostage and lets the corrupt mogul go. Amy tells Catwoman that she would sue and found it hard to believe all of this trouble was for a bunch of animals.

She knocks out a cat who was promptly saved by Batman while Catwoman attacks Mercedes and disfigures her. Before Catwoman could do anything else, Batman blocks Amy and comforts her. Realizing that she made a mistake, Catwoman left the scene in tears. Mercedes later spent most of her money on her lawyers while she spent the rest of it on plastic surgery.