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Hi I'm Anarcho-Communist but you can just call me an anarchist 'cus I'm the only real kind
~ AnCom introducing qimself

Anarcho-Communist (AnCom) is a main protagonist of the YouTube series Centricide created by Jreg. Qi is the embodiment of the Left Libertarian ideology. AnCom is culturally and economically far-left and is genderqueer. Qi was a member of the extremists but after fighting off Political Nihilist he ended up becoming Post-Left and left the group.

Qi is portrayed by Greg Guevera


While AnCom is still a protagonist villain, qi is the most well-intentioned of the extremes (even if some of qis beliefs are rather controversial such as getting kids on LSD). Qi is an avid drug addict and is extremely mentally unstable. Qi is also the most short-tempered and violent of the extremes and will attack anyone who qi even ponders might be racist.

While AnCom may seem narrow-minded and ignorant, during qis calm moments, qi is actually quite intellegent. Despite their differences qi is willing to co-operate with Commie and AnCap and even Nazi to defeat the centrists. Qi has quite a close relationship with Commie as they have very similar idea albeit their different methods causes debate between the two.


In Meet the Extremes AnCom introduces qimself. Qi states that qi is willing to work with Commie and AnCap to defeat the centrists. Qi is shocked to hear that Nazi is part of the team but reluctantly co-operates with him. Qi is also seen playing poker with AnCap and when qi loses AnCap asks qim to pay 500 dollars.

In the Conquest for Bread AnCom accepts Commie's bagels (since they were gluten-free). When AnCap asks Nazi to get his bagels back, Nazi steals AnCom's bagel (which deeply upsets qim) but refuses to give it to AnCap and eats it himself.

In Conservatives, Socialists, Progressives and Libertarians qi goes to Progressiveland to try and convince Progressive to join the extremes but gets attacked by Political Nihilist. While qi succesfully kills him, the attack ends up converting qim to Post-Left. Qi briefly turns back to normal but is then attacked by Ape Political, making qim Post-Left again. Qi then leaves the extremes which deeply upsets Commie.

While qi dosen't isn't seen since. Qi makes a brief appearance in Neoliberalism when Commie is lamenting the absence of his friend.

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