Father: Do you hear that?
Mother: It's not real you idiot. She's playing with your head.
~ The parents on Ana toying with them.
No matter where she goes or what she does, she'll always be a monster.
~ The Mother on Ana.

Ana is the titular secondary antagonist of The Child. Initially depicted as an unstable child with psychic powers to the point that her biological parents having a hard time on taking care of her which causes her to be hostile and aloof with everyone else and was also perceived as a monster, Ana is revealed to be a tragic villain living with an abusive parents who disowned and mistreated her until she meet her brand new babysitter, Kiki, as she forms a special bond in the end which resulted on her becoming possessive towards her and wanting to play with her forever.


Ana appears as a little girl with a shoulder-length white hair, pale skin and red eyes in contrast to her parents, heavily implied that she has albinism when she was born. She also wears a white and pink "gothic lolita" dress with a large ribbon on the center of the stomach part of the chest and two pink ribbons in both sides of her head. In the true ending, "Promise Kept" as the years went by, Ana grew up to become a beautiful teenage girl with a long white hair as she ditched her dress by wearing a white shirt and a red violet long pants. In addition, she also supports a scar on her face after the things that she experienced in the past.


Ana initially appears as a rather unstable and undisciplined child with uncontrollable psychic powers which causes her to be punished tons of times by her parents as taking care of Ana has taken it's toll on their sanity to the point that the mother wants to murder Ana. As a result of her mistreatment, Ana suddenly becomes an aloof child who is hostile towards everybody including several of her babysitters such as Kiki to the point it can be heavily implied she murdered them.

However, as Kiki decided to show kindness and compassion towards Ana during her time babysitting her, Ana started to mellow down towards Kiki and considered her a real friend that she could play with forever. When Kiki decided to leave in order to take a rest so that she could play with Ana again tomorrow, Ana suddenly became devastated as she went nearly berserk because she perceived Kiki as a traitor.

In the end, Ana was simply a tragic figure who was abused, mistreated and neglected by her parents as they also hated her because of the gift that she inherited as she ended up finding Kiki to be the solace of her miserable life. When meeting with Kiki again after years went by, Ana was revealed to have forgotten everything including her past as she was perceived by the children in the orphanages as weird. However, it was then revealed that Kiki still remembered the past with her as she decided to keep the promise of making Ana happy as she adopted her and when encountered with the picture she had made in the past, she was then revealed to be startled by it.


Ana was first introduced as an uncontrollable child who was scared after being locked inside the closet by her parents as they tried to make her disciplined after the problems she had caused in the past and the mother's refusal to give her to a facility that can make her normal. This, in turn, made Ana angry as her psychic powers made the house rather chaotic as she wrecks the closet door with her psychic powers. As Ana messes the head of her father, her mother can't take the pressure to take care of Ana anymore and decided to kill Ana by stabbing her with a knife in which the father is unable to stop it. However, in the end, they decided to call the babysitter, Kiki, in order to take care of Ana.

After the chat with her parents in the first day of work, Kiki then encounters Ana who watches the entire conversation as she ran away with Kiki noticing the house seemingly haunted thanks to Ana's psychic powers such as the lights have been flickered, the electronic equipment have been distorted and the objects in the house moving independently as they attempt to murder Kiki. As Kiki encountered Ana in her bedroom, the latter was mostly spend her time staring at her music box as she became hostile towards Kiki's presence, saying that she would be gone soon while asking her to be left alone despite Kiki's nice attempts to approach her. When Kiki wants to play together with Ana to spend their time together, she then decided to use her demonic teddy bear to accompany Kiki to play hide and seek as the teddy bear began to chase her, attempting to murder her for good even if she's escaped in the end.

As Kiki met with Ana again for the second time, she still shows her hostile behavior towards Kiki until Kiki decided to gave Ana a treat to comfort her while promising that she won't tell her parents as she was disallowed by them to be given the treats unless she behaves properly. As a result, Ana decided to go downstairs to the kitchen where she plays hide and seek with Kiki as she hid under the fridge as Kiki gave Ana another treats again to lure her out. This in turn, resulted on Ana becomes mellowed down towards her and expressing her gratitude towards Kiki and decided to behave nicely by turning the house back to normal.

However, as Kiki was asleep during the second day, she then imagines herself as Ana in her nightmare who was trapped in a facility experimenting with people with psychic powers as she was encouraged by her doll, Patches, to use her gift to eliminate all of the scientist that tries to capture her but the results are futile in the end.

During the third day of babysitting Ana after she mellowed out, she then decided to hang out with Kiki by watching TVs and eating treats. When they reached the music room together, Ana then tells her experience towards Kiki about her parents making her playing music for them but was stopped because they didn't like the way she plays. After being encouraged by Kiki, she then becomes startled after seeing Ana using her psychic powers as she concludes that the house wasn't haunted while deducing that her uncontrollable gift made the house a bit chaotic than usual.

Despite this, Kiki decides to continues to hang out with Ana, saying that she could be whatever she wanted around her and when encountered the closet door, Ana was triggered by the traumatic events that she had because of her experience being locked in the closet. As the two encountered a broken radio, Ana decided to fix it as they hear some happy music to cheer their mood and when they reached the front of the parents room, it was revealed she was not allowed to go there.

As the two enter Ana's playroom, Ana decides to play together with Kiki despite the bad vibes the latter has gotten when entering the playroom. As Ana decided to play with her teddy bear alongside Kiki, the latter then tells politely that she didn't like her teddy bear because of the bad first impression she had. When using her clown doll, "Happy", it triggered Kiki's traumatic experience as she decided to lie by playing with Teddy instead. As Ana was aware about her traumatic experience using her psychic powers, Kiki then apologizes for the complications she had and when Kiki tries to comfort her by saying that it's nice that Ana has some friend to spend her spare time with, Ana suddenly becomes sad as it was revealed that she doesn't have any real friends as the only friends that she had was the dolls she had. This in turn, resulted on Kiki decided to befriend Ana as the latter become elated by Kiki's promise while drawing some pictures to amuse herself.

As Ana drew some pictures, Kiki then decides to tell her about the nightmare that she had about her imagining herself as Ana and was trapped in a horrifying facility as she wondered if Ana was brought to a certain facility before. Ana then responded by saying that she was never brought to said facility before. As Kiki decided to depart by meeting with the parents first, Ana then teleported in front of them which resulted on the mother scolding her due to her inappropriate behavior. After this, Ana then decides to asks her parents about where Kiki will be going in which the latter responded that she will be back soon tomorrow and will play with Ana again.

When Ana asked her mother if Kiki can stay in their house, she decides to responded by saying that she will come tomorrow and as she pleads to her father that she promised to become a nice kid towards him in order to let Kiki stay, he responded by saying that she needs to be patient in which Ana expressed a frustration by saying that she likes Kiki and hates living besides her parents which causes her house to become chaotic again thanks to her psychic powers while her father orders Kiki to leave the house as fast as she could.

After the incident, Kiki had no choice but to encounter Ana in her own playroom again as she attempts to comfort her. After comforting her, Ana decides to use her psychic power to transports both Kiki and her into their mind so that her parents won't find them as they will play together forever. If the players decide to let Kiki accept the offer playing with Ana, they will reach one of the bad endings "Play Forever" as Ana becomes elated as she plays with Kiki together forever, stuck in their minds for eternity.

However, if the players decided to let Kiki telling Ana politely that she will come back to reality, Ana then becomes massively disappointed and feels betrayed as she perceives her as similar as her parents before deciding to play with Kiki by force as she uses Kiki's largest fear, the monster clowns, to play hide and seek with her until she dies. However, Kiki was then helped by the mysterious doll, Patches, to hide from the clowns and this resulted on Kiki's memory being a psychic resurfaced again while trying to fight Ana as she had enough of the things that she had been pulled towards Kiki.

During the fight, Ana decides to make the stage a total nightmare for Kiki as her monstrous teddy bears and monster clowns are chasing her while the stars are falling just to attack Kiki. After Ana defeated her during the fight, she then attempts to confront her again despite Ana tries to trigger her traumatic experience by using several clowns to attack her. If Kiki decides to gve Ana no mercy as she continues to attack Ana, they will encountered the bad end, "Ana's Revenge", as Ana's body suddenly vanishes as Kiki felt a regret for what they had done, running away from her problems which causes Kiki to be attacked by Ana in her sleep.

However, if the players decided to spare Ana, she then attempts to trigger Kiki's other traumatic memories. However, after seeing that Kiki had only nothing but happy memories aside from her traumatic experience with a clown, Ana then suddenly becomes envious towards Kiki because of the miserable life that she had until Kiki decides to comfort her while promising that she wanted to make happy memories with her. As Ana decided to repent for her actions, it was then revealed that her parents tried to murder her, already perceiving her as an irredeemable monster.

When the mother attempts to murder Kiki after discovering she had a psychic powers, Ana then uses her psychic powers as a last resort to kill her parents for good, becoming saddened with the fact that her parents never liked her in the first place. As Kiki decides to help Ana by taking her to the hospital and tried to keep the good promise that she had made, Ana was seemingly succumb to her wounds shortly after as her body vanishes, triggering the normal ending where Kiki always reminisce about Ana being alive and lived somewhere else for several years.

If the players collect all of the Doodle Fragments scattered in the game, they will trigger the true end of the game "Promise Kept" where it's similar with the normal ending until it was revealed that Ana was still alive, growing up to become a beautiful teenager, and was living her days in the orphanage as she become amnesiac towards her past life while the children in said orphanage discriminates her by saying that she is too old to be picked and has several scars of her body which scares her potential adopters much to Ana's disappointment. However, at the end of the day, she ended up encounter with her former babysitter again, Kiki, as she decided to adopt her out of kindness while moving into their new home. As Ana encounters the picture that she had drew in the room, Ana then suddenly becomes startled as the game fades into credits, revealing that both of them live a happy live together.




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