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You tried to hurt my family.
~ Ana betraying Katie.
You're the sickest of them all. How many others did you sell to animals like Valko? HOW MANY!?
~ Katie confronting Ana about her crimes.

Ana Patov is a major antagonist in the American rape and revenge film I Spit on Your Grave 2. She is the mother and accomplice of Georgy and Nikolay Patov and the stepmother of Ivan Patov.


After American model Katie Carter escapes from the Patov brothers, who have trafficked her from America to Bulgaria and repeatedly raped and tortured her, she goes to the local police station for help. Detective Kiril, believing Ana to be from a rape crisis center, hands Katie over to her to be taken to the American embassy for help. Ana takes Katie back to her house under the pretext of helping her before revealing her true alignment and handing her back to her sons. While Ana is being raped by family friend Valko Ana sits upstairs crying and turning up the radio to drown out her screams.

After escaping a second time, Katie begins stalking her attackers and picking them off one by one to kill them. After killing Valko and Nikolai, she kidnaps Ana and locks her in the coffin that the brothers imprisoned her in. Ana weeps as she is forced to watch the agonizing death of Georgy. Katie then abducts Ivan and tortures him by crushing his balls. Ivan reveals that he is in fact Ana's stepson, and that Nikolai and Georgy were products of his father raping Ana.

Enraged at this revelation, Katie demands that Ana tell her how many other women were raped in her house. A tearful Ana refuses to answer. Detective Kiril then arrives, having been alerted by Ivan's screams, and shoots Ivan dead as he breaks free. Kiril, feeling remorse for handing her over to Ana, allows Katie to leave. Ana is then arrested for her crimes.


  • Ana is the only antagonist in the I Spit on Your Grave franchise to be arrested rather than killed for their crimes.


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