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Anacondy is a middle age woman with purple hair resembling a gorgon's. She is also the kind of an administrator among Eternal, always telling the other employees what they should do and controlling rare objects they bring her. She also always claims report papers from her members and is very strict to them.

She is voiced by Kaori Yamagata.


In her more presentable form Anacondy had purple snakes for hair. She had piercing small green eyes, pale skin and red lips She wore a green coat with orange lining. Adorned with an orange scarf. She wore this with a black leather belt. and wore a yellow neckerchief under this. She also wore yellow leggings with black boots.


Anacondy took her job as vice executive very seriously. She would often fight with other employees, notably Nebatakos and Shibiretta, about reports. She also demanded that the items they brought her were of high quality and real. She loved the Boss and did everything possible to make him happy, including turning the Cures to stone. Once altercate she had great strength. Especially in hand to hand combat. She easily defeated Milky Rose.


Anacondy was first seen in episode 2, after Scorp's failure. Like Kawarino, she never really got much action until the ending, but it is quite obvious that she is stronger than the others. It became obvious that she was in love with The Director willing to use up all her stamina to turn the Cures to stone and adding them to the collection. However, she is angered by the fact that The Director didn't care about her effort as he would only think of Flora. She attacked him but was easily and mercilessly destroyed.


  • Anacondy is the first vice-master to be a female.