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Let's see which one is stronger, if friends or slaves!
~ Analogman

Analogman is the main villain from Digimon World. A computer genius and skilled hacker, Analogman easily invaded the Digital World, where he discovered about the Digimon.


He decided that Digimon should be used by the humans as tools, setting a virus on File Island that makes all Digimon from File City to go wild and scatter throughout the island, leaving the city deserted, except for Jijimon and some fresh Digimon. In order to undo the damage caused by Analogman, Jijimon summons the human boy, Hiro, and introduces him to his Digimon partner, asking him to send back all Digimon to File City and discover what is causing all the problems on the island.

Hiro then sets on a quest along with his Digimon, retrieving all Digimon and discovering that the responsible for the disaster was hiding inside of Mount Infinity. After fighting his way through the mountain, Hiro finds Analogman in the last room. Analogman taunts Hiro and summons a brainwashed Machinedramon to fight him. After Machinedramon is defeated, Analogman uses his laptop to transport himself somewhere safe, while setting a bomb to blow up the entire island. Just then, Airdramon appears from a wormhole to rescue Hiro, which corrupts the program used by Analogman, making it backfire on him. Analogman gives his last scream and the screen from which he was talking fades away. He is presumed deceased after this.