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He's lucky he doesn't need glasses
~ Alex Rider about Anan Sukit

Anan Sukit was a major antagonist in Snakehead


Anan Sukit is a lieutenant of the Snakehead organization. He is described as one of the ugliest men Alex has ever seen and he had his ears sliced off in a gang fight so he is now left with rugged stumps.

Anan Sukit comes to interrogate Alex and Ash about their immigration, and slaps Alex upon his silence. Anan Sukit then kidnaps Alex and takes him to the wrestling ring where he is forced to fight Sunthorn. Anan Sukit confuses Alex, who is disguised as an Afghan refugee, by speaking first in Afghan, then French, then English, and Alex knows that there is a traitor telling the Snakehead everything. Anan is angered when Alex beats Sunthorn and pulls out his gun to try and shoot him but Ben Daniels, an MI6 agent, is there and blacks out the place, then shoots Anan Sukit.


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