Ananzi is an anti-villain from the video game The Black Heart. Although she is not an evil character, she blindly obeys her evil father's orders.

Ananzi is the daughter of the Janos (the murdered king was her grandfather). She hates the Shar-Makais because she hates the chaos and everything born from it. She trained all her life to serve her father and wants to prove herself to him though he has forbid her to retrieve the heart. When the prince sends his army of Shar-makais to recover the heart she argues that she is capable enough to retrieve the heart herself. He apologies, and tells her, though it is too late to call the Shar-makais back, she may go for the heart, if she wishes, with his blessing. She leaves, not just to prove her strength to herself, but also to prove to her father that the Shar-Makais are an unnecessary part of the kingdom.



  • Ananzi's name comes from Anansi, an important character in Western African folklore who is better known for his cunningness and is often represented as a spider.
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