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The enemies of the people are the enemies of Anarky!
~ The slogan of Anarky's gang.

Anarky's Gang is a minor antagonistic faction in the 2013 video game Batman: Arkham Origins. They were a large group of anarchists that followed their leader Anarky and who were trying to remove corruption from Gotham City by wreaking destruction.

To identify each other, they had red or white Anarky Tags printed on their clothes, wore white masks (or in rare cases, silver ones) and sometimes wore red wristbands with a black Anarky Tag on them.


When Anarky began his campaign to rid Gotham City of its corruption and organized crime, he recruited a large number of people who believed in his cause, including homeless people, young people, and the disillusioned. Now serving as his henchmen and followers, they then set up the abandoned Solomon Wayne Courthouse as Anarky's headquarters, decorating it with Anarky Tags alongside other graffiti.

During the night of Christmas Eve, Anarky's followers began setting up three bombs across the city where corruption was at its strongest. Each of these bombs were control devices wired to gasoline canisters placed across the target buildings, with several anarchists guarding them. After Batman defeated Deathstroke and interrogated the Penguin for information on Black Mask, one of Anarky's acolytes waited for him at the Final Offer to deliver a message, telling him where the first bomb was to see if he'd stop it. After the bomb was stopped, Batman did the same with the other two after talking to two more acolytes, defeating several anarchists on the way.

After the bombs were defused, Anarky summoned him to the courthouse where he and several followers were waiting for him. After Batman refused to join him, the anarchists began fighting the Dark Knight and the battle ended with Batman defeating them and capturing Anarky, leaving him for the police. Afterwards or during this, it is revealed that his followers also left several Anarky Tags across the city that each contained messages to decipher.

Although their leader was stopped, many of Anarky's followers returned on New Year's Eve, leaving more Anarky Tags and committing riots in South Gotham while the G.C.P.D. was in North Gotham. During one of the riots, the anarchists set up a bomb display to trying and finish Anarky's mission to destroy the central point of Gotham's corruption. However, Batman managed to defuse the bomb and defeat the last remnants of Anarky's followers.

While it is unknown what happened to Anarky after his defeat and capture, it is safe to assume that his followers abandoned him and his cause.


  • Anarky's followers is the only gang that did not possess firearms.
  • Several Anarky Tags can be seen painted on walls during Arkham Knight. This could mean that Anarky still had some supporters about a decade later, or that they are painted by someone else who happened to like the symbol.


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