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Anaroids, also referred to by the classification Mechahumans, are robot Space Criminals Alienizer footsoldiers sold by Agent Abrella to the Space Criminals Alienizer and antagonists in Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger. They are used by Alienizers to assist them in their various crimes and are typically deployed to repel the Dekarangers. There also exist upgraded variants in the Batsuroids and Igaroids.



Anaroids are the cheapest type of mechahuman, at a low cost to produce and not very strong. As such they rely on attacking in large swarms to overwhelm opponents. They come equipped with either short swords for melee combat or a small cannon mounted on one of their arms. They are summoned from spherical devices carried by Batsuroids or other Alienizers. They can understand vocal commands, but are incapable of speech themselves. The only sounds they can make are robotic buzzes.


Batsuroids are stronger and smarter variants of Anaroids. They often carry capsules to summon Anaroids from and typically lead teams of Anaroids in battle. Their main weapons are the short sword-like Batsuswords, though similar to Anaroids they also can come equipped with small hand cannons called Batsushots. They are summoned from light blue saturn-shaped capsules. They are capable of speech in a limited number of alien languages.


Igaroids are even more powerful variants of Anaroids. Abrella based their design on his close associate Uniga. Igaroids are strong enough that a single Igaroid is capable of giving the Dekarangers a tough fight. They sometimes carry capsules for summoning Anaroids and Batsuroids but are typically deployed on their own, although they occasionally lead teams of both Anaroids and Batsuroids. They wield swords based on the Igasword carried by Uniga and are programmed to be capable of performing his "Cross Burst" attack. They also occasionally come equipped with IgaBlade swords as well as the Igamagnum arm cannons.


The Dekarangers first encountered Anaroids when they were summoned by a Batsuroid they were chasing to attack them. Although they managed to fight the Anaroids off, the Batsuroid was destroyed by DekaRed before they had a chance to capture it.

Abrella would later sell a small team of Anaroids to the Three Hells Siblings, along with spawners for Batsuroids. When the siblings refused to pay, Abrella allowed them to keep the Anaroids as a "funerary gift" but did not provide further assistance to them, resulting in their demise at the Dekarangers' hands.

Abrella would go on to supply Anaroids to several notable Alienizers, including the Evolian Kazak and the Gas Drinkers from planet Algol, as well as several members of the intergalactic mafia.

Abrella would later use a massive number of Anaroids, along with several Batsuroids and at least one Igaroid, during his attack on DekaBase. While the Dekarangers were busy fighting Jellyfis and Angorl, Abrella and the DekaBase Capture Crew were able to defeat Doggie Kruger and take control of DekaBase, sending Anaroids to patrol it for any SPD officers.



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