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Operation successful, pawns are all dealt with, ready for evacuation.
~ Anatoly Vinogradov upon killing one of his OSKOM men in the airlock.

General Anatoly Semyonovich Vinogradov, also known as Tolya by his friends, is a supporting character turned main antagonist of the Metro Exodus DLC Metro Exodus: The Two Colonels. He is the leader of a Russian military unit in Novosibirsk station, known as OSKOM, which is a shortened form for OSobiy KOMitet.



Tolya is a high-ranking member of the OSKOM unit, who is the general. Despite being a well-intentioned leader, the events of the DLC Metro Exodus: The Two Colonels force him to do more direct and often drastic actions, as the stakes get increasingly higher in Krasny Prospekt, thanks to his pragmatism. Regardless, he is known to be friends with Colonel Slava Khlebnikov, the DLC's main character, and also has a son who serves as the captain of OSKOM unit.

Metro Exodus: The Two Colonels

Tolya is first seen conducting management duties in the events of the evacuation, while briefing Colonel Khlebnikov about it. A few moments later, Tolya later delivers a New Year's address to the Krasny Prospekt residents. However, in the midst of that celebration, a blackout suddenly happens.

A few months later, Tolya later initiates a wide-scale confiscation of "green stuff", also known as radioprotector, across the Novosibirsk metro. However, despite Tolya's success of this plan, this later comes with a hefty price, when the people of Novosibirsk station's poorest stations, known as the "Dirty" station, later began a massive riot against OSKOM.

Within this very moment, Tolya's downfall began when he later shows his true colors. This started when he unleashed a toxic gas, which was later revealed to be chlorine gas by Aurora crew members Artyom and Colonel Miller in the main story's events, which targeted both his men and the rioters. He later silenced all of his "pawns", when he killed one of his men who escaped the gas in the airlock.

It is revealed that the High Command later betrayed Tolya, whom they consider his services to be no longer useful, as they abandoned him, where they later escape via a train. To make matters worse, his son, Seryoga Vinogradov, was perished in the riots.

In a last-ditch effort, Tolya commanded one of his men to destroy the High Command train with an RPG, as an act of retaliation for their treachery. He later commits suicide in front of Colonel Khlebnikov with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.


Tolya is shown to be a capable leader, who is well-intentioned with his plans of putting order in the Novosibirsk metro via his OSKOM unit. However, he is shown to be pragmatic and often direct, where he ordered the wide-scale confiscation of radioprotectors, as a means of rationing them, due to the shortage. When the riots happened, as a result, his personality takes a drastic turn for the worst, where he later takes more drastic actions including treason against his OSKOM men and the rioters by killing them with chlorine gas, and even ordering one of his OSKOM men to destroy the High Command train for their betrayal.


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