The Ancient King is a villain from the manga/anime series One Punch Man. He is the leader of the ancient Terror Lizard Clan, a group of ancient monsters that have plans of taking over Earth.


The Ancient King is a giant monster with reptilian features, such as scales and a snout. He also has horns on some parts of his body, and a huge tail.


Not much is known about the Ancient King, except that he is very determined of conquering Earth, much like the other kings.


After the defeat of the Subterranean King and the Deep Sea King, the Ancient King awoken from his slumber and began to resume his plans to take over the land. The Hero Association, already prepared for his awakening, attack him with missiles to lure him into a large deserted area, where he is then confronted by Tatsumaki. He starts talking with her but is interrupted when Tatsumaki receives a call telling her to return. Annoyed, he stomps her but is surprised when she dodges the attack. He tells her that the only way she could defeat him is by dropping a meteor on him. He then starts charging a beam attack, but then a huge meteor dragged by Tatsumaki's psychic powers hits him, leaving only his fried bones behind.

Powers and Abilities

  • Energy Projection: The Ancient King was briefly seen charging up an energy beam within his mouth.
  • Immense Strength: Based on his massive size, it can be assumed that the Ancient King is very strong, as he was shown to easily burst out of a mountain.
  • Immense Durability: The Ancient King has shown to possess a high degree of durability, as he was able to shrug off military missiles with no sign of injury. He also claims that it would take a meteor to kill him.


  • Currently, the Ancient King's threat level remains unclassified, but based on his tremendous power and size, it can be assumed that he is threat level Dragon.
  • The Ancient King was never actually featured in the manga, making him one of the few villains that is anime exclusive. The other being Pluton.
    • In the original webcomic, a dinosaur-like creature was briefly shown being killed by Tatsumaki in her introduction. Whether or not this is Ancient King has yet to be confirmed.
  • The Ancient King is a small homage to Godzilla; a giant reptilian-like creature that is capable of breathing an energy-like substance from its mouth.
  • The Ancient King is the only "king" that had once ruled the planet before.


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