The Ancient Order of the VHS is the main antagonist organization of the Regular Show episode The Last Laserdisc Player.


They were a group of men obligated to protecting the VHS. The group leaders SP and LP were trying to motivate Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man, and Hi-Five Ghost to use VHS instead of laserdisc musics. They appear again to prevent the Librarian from giving Mordecai and Rigby the last laserdisc player because they weren't using VHS. The Guardians of Obsolete Formats were able to stop them from destroying the last laserdisc player.


Every single member has some form of facial hair and old fashioned haircuts.


All the members of the group are human, however they are still dangerous since they rely on using the MAC-10 sub-machine gun and explosive bombs that resemble VHS tapes with a red switch on the side.

They also rely on numbers to win when it comes to hand to hand combat.

They have a vehicle known as Tape Rewinders, which resembled VHS tapes on wheels that have missile launchers on top.

Also, when the Order is in trouble, they summon a robot called the VC-Arbitrator to help them in their fight.


  • Since Jimmy survived the electric attack is possible that Ancient Order of the VHS (excluding LP and some others) are still alive.
  • Their deaths are parodied from Raiders of the Lost Ark.


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Ancient Order of the VHS


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