My strategy for this war: Get Rich and Get Out
~ Anders on his goals

Anders Benoit is a supporting character and secret main antagonist of the 2013 video game Killzone: Mercenary. He is the Head Commander of the Phantom Talon Corp and uses the current conflict between the Helghan Empire and the Interplanetary Strategic Alliance as a means of making money. He is voiced by Corey Johnson.


Anders was born on on Earth on March 5, 2315. He joined the United Colonial Army Special Forces when he got older and became a very skilled soldier. There he met Oliver Adamska and they both eventually resigned at one point to become mercenaries. In 2344, the tow of them founded the Phantom Talon Corp and became to hire ex-soldiers and quixkly gained profits and financial support from authorities on Earth. Eventually the PTC had expanded beyond Earth and began to get involved in both Corporate and Colonial conflicts however tensions were high between Anders and Oliver as Anders was materialistic and Oliver was patriotic however in 2348 Oliver was killed and Benoit took over and reformed the PTC to his desires.

Events of Killzone: Mercenary

In 2357, Benoit began to get involved in the Second Extrasolar War after the Helghast Military under the command of Armin Metrac and Vyktor Kratek launched a full-scale assault on the city of Diortem on Vekta during the Helghast invasion of Vekta. Anders sends in tow mercenaries; Arran Danner and Damian Ivanov to the Halls of Justice in the city where Kratek was hiding and where he was interrogating and torturing ISA Admiral Alex Gray. The two of them eventually rescue Admiral Gray and manage to escape however Damian stayed behind and was killed in an explosion. Eventually, Anders got involved once more in 2359 during Operation Archangel where he and Danner were sent behind enemy lines to rescue Ambassador Harkin. First he and Danner were sent in to disable the Arc Cannons the Helghasts were using to repel the ISA Forces and were then sent to the Vektan Embassy but the son Justus was the only one to survive.



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