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Anders Cain is the main antagonist of the 2017 hockey film Goon: Last of the Enforcers.

He is portrayed by Wyatt Russell.


He is a hockey player who comes to the Halifax Highlanders hockey team after delivering a career-ending injury to Doug "The Thug" Glatt, who was recently named team captain that same day of his injury.

When his father Hyrum Cain comes with the solution to bring Anders to the team, he takes over the Highlanders following a trade from his original team the Wolfdogs, and immediately becomes captain at his father's request.


Anders Cain is a rookie sensation with a mean streak, and is also a very tough enforcer when it comes to getting into fights on the ice. Even though his father is the owner of the Highlanders hockey team, he could care less and sees it more of an empire he desires to control to his satisfaction. When he becomes captain, everyone is forced to look up to him.

He also has an attitude and a rivalry with Doug Glatt, especially after he ended his career by knocking him out in the first game of the season.

Cain proved to have the upper hand at first when he came to fight Glatt, but it seemed he would be matched up by him much later. Cain also doesn't seem to appreciate the fans either, and he is hated all over the hockey community, especially by Highlanders fans and later his own teammates.

Role in film

Anders Cain is present on the ice starting the season with his hockey team the Wolfdogs, coincidentally, also Doug Glatt's first season as team captain of the Highlanders. Cain from the beginning shows no moral respect for the game, and he breaks Glatt's stick provoking him to fight. Glatt reluctantly accepts, and the two fight on the ice. Cain delivers a few blows to Glatt's head, and he immediately knocks him down, with Glatt only delivering one punch that didn't affect Cain.

With Glatt gone, Cain's father Hyrum convinces the team coach to bring his son to the roster and name him captain. This happens and soon Cain turns the whole team around, for the worse.



  • Anders Cain is loosely based on NHL player Sean Avery, a veteran who shows little to no respect for the game.
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