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Listen to me carefully now. No one follows after us. Not anyone. Not a chopper. Not a single fucking soul. If I see anyone I'll explode us two in the air, understood?!
~ Anders to Kurt Wallander.
And still, the weakest in society - women, children and old men, are being tormented to the fullest.
~ Anders Lindtröm spelling out his theory of warfare.

Anders Lindström is the main antagonist of Wallander - Hämnden (The Revenge). He is a vindictive terrorist and mass murderer who sought revenge at everyone he saw as responsible for the death of his son.

He was portrayed by Jens Hultén, who also played Seth Rydell in the Johan Falk series and Janik Vinter in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation.

Wallander - The Revenge

One evening in Ystad, Sweden, the only substation in the city blows up and the electricity is gone for days. It gets even worse when several cars placed on various roads outside Ystad explodes. Commissioner Wallander and his men are having a hard time taking care of the cases due to various reasons. Several more people is being murdered; an old woman working at the job center and a nurse at the city hospital. 

It turns out that Anders has been going on the spree-killing as a revenge for the death of his son some years earlier. The minister of defense has arrived to Ystad and is going to hold a speech at the city square, guarded by both the police, Security Police, and the army.

Anders, who now is the suspected, stands behind, "guarding" the minister. When the speech ends, he handcuffs the minister to his wrist, and reveals that he has a bomb planted on his chest. Wallander negotiates with him. Anders and Wallander drives to the harbor where after some dialog Wallander is released and steps out of the car.

The car that Anders is sitting in is then hit by another car from behind, driven by another policeman and pushed it into the water, where the bomb goes off, killing Anders.

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