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Anderson Robotics is a paratech firm in the universe of the SCP Foundation. The company is specialized in the production and sale of anomalous machines, by combining magic and technology.



Vincent Anderson, one of the two founders of Anderson Robotics, started to to delve into robotics after discovering some blueprints from a French scientist, Dr. Durand, who had developed anomalous weaponry in 1970's.

Inspired by the discoveries, Anderson, alongside Albert Frostman, founded Anderson Robotics in 1994, based in Portland, Oregon.

The first product of Anderson Robotics was a small droid that managed to record both video- and audio-footage, which also possessed a primitive artificial intelligence.

Anderson Robotics started to develop and sell more advanced products, and quickly gained a fair amount of traction in the realm of paratechnology.

Most of their customers are from the world's elite, and in 2014 they formed a distribution partnership with Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd.. Their customers also include the Global Occult Coalition, likely being the source of at least some of the advanced weaponry the Coalition owns.

The SCP Foundation discovered the Group in 2007 SCP-1360, a Peregrine Series Humanoid Utility Droid came into the Foundation's possession.

Staff & Resources

The current board of Anderson Robotics consist of six members, with both founders, Anderson and Frostman, still being on the board. The company also has about 200 employees worldwide, though information about this is sparse. The annual budget of the company is about $750 million.


  • Amur Series Recon Drone
  • Aplomado Series Facility Defense Unit
  • Gyrfalcon Series Prosthetics
  • Hobby Personal Android
  • Kestrel Series Domestic Utility Unit
  • Merlin Series Aerial Drone
  • Nankeen Computer Repair System
  • Peregrine Series Humanoid Utility Droid
  • Saker Series Android

Relationships with Other Organizations

Anderson Robotics has close ties with Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd., with the other company being its official distributor of products as off 2014. The GOC also seems to leave the company alone in exchange for some of its products which it needs for its The Fivefold Mission.

Its relationship with the SCP Foundation is more strained, as the company has spied on the Foundation with its advanced, insect-sized drones, and even used advanced androids to mimic Foundation personnel in order infiltrate facilities. The Foundation has assembled Mobile Task Force Gamma-13 (Asimov’s Lawbringers) to investigate, track and arrest objects and persons who are associated with the company.



  • Both founders of the company, Anderson and Frost, are Type Blue Anomalous Humanoids (people who used magic to further their goals).


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