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With all this in mind, please enjoy your product, and your new life! Anderson Robotics thanks you for your purchase!
~ Anderson Robotics in the "GoI Field Guide".

Anderson Robotics is a paratech firm in the universe of the SCP Foundation. The company is specialized in the production and sale of anomalous machines, by combining magic and technology.

The company plays a major role in "Those Twisted Pines" and "Third Law" canons.


Vincent Anderson, one of the two founders of Anderson Robotics, started to to delve into robotics after discovering some blueprints from a French scientist, Dr. Durand, who had developed anomalous weaponry in 1970's.

Inspired by the discoveries, Anderson, alongside Albert Frostman, founded Anderson Robotics in 1994, based in Portland, Oregon.

The first product of Anderson Robotics was a small droid that managed to record both video- and audio-footage, which also possessed a primitive artificial intelligence.

Anderson Robotics started to develop and sell more advanced products, and quickly gained a fair amount of traction in the realm of paratechnology, especially in the city of Three Portlands.

Most of their customers are from the world's elite, and in 2014 they formed a distribution partnership with Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd.. Their customers also include the Global Occult Coalition, likely being the source of at least some of the advanced weaponry the Coalition owns.

The SCP Foundation discovered the Group in 2007 after SCP-1360, a Peregrine Series Humanoid Utility Droid came into the Foundation's possession.

Th company was eventually dissolved in May 24th of 2024, when the Foundation alongside the Unusual Incidents Unit raided the company's various offices, arresting several employees and confiscating a number of their products.


Staff & Resources

The current board of Anderson Robotics consist of six members, with both founders, Anderson and Frostman, still being on the board. The company also has about 200 employees worldwide, though information about this is sparse. The annual budget of the company is about $750 million.


  • Amur Series Recon Drone
  • Anderson Robotics Engineered Artificial Intelligence
  • Aplomado Series Facility Defense Unit
  • Gyrfalcon Series Prosthetics
  • Hobby Personal Android
  • Kestrel Series Domestic Utility Unit
  • Merlin Series Aerial Drone
  • Nankeen Computer Repair System
  • Peregrine Series Humanoid Utility Droid
  • Saker Series Android

Relationships with other organizations

Anderson Robotics has close ties with Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd., with the other company being its official distributor of products as off 2014. The GOC also seems to leave the company alone in exchange for some of its products which it needs for its The Fivefold Mission.

The company has multiple backers within the Church of Maxwellism and in the Three Portlands the church was of significant help to the company. Anderson Robotics has also collaborated with modern cults of the Xia Dynasty and the faculty of Deer College.

Its relationship with the SCP Foundation is more strained, as the company has spied on the Foundation with its advanced, insect-sized drones, and even used advanced androids to mimic Foundation personnel in order infiltrate facilities. The Foundation has assembled Mobile Task Force Gamma-13, also known as "Asimov’s Lawbringers", to investigate, track and arrest objects and persons who are associated with the company. However, the relationship between the Foundation and the company, which was later renamed as Frostman Robotics, improved and even formed the joint Mobile Task Force Upsilon-53 when dealing with SCP-4011.

The Unusual Incidents Unit, the main organization overseeing the law and security of Three Portlands, also appears to be at odds with Anderson Robotics as they alongside the Foundation once raided the company.

Following the raid on Anderson Robotics, the Chaos Insurgency assaulted the Foundation's Site-64 to steal the company's products which had confiscated and stored within the site.

Some Peregrine Series Androids who had formed an enclave in Eurtec once tried to liberate several instances of SCP-4525-1, robots resembling the SpotMini produced by Boston Dynamics which were used by dado's grocery store staff to record the customers' purchases.

Vincent Anderson and his accomplices were allowed to access the Wanderer's Library and use its resources for their own plans without problems.

SCPs associated with Anderson Robotics

  • SCP-1360: A sentient advanced android known as PSHUD #31 composed of molded polycarbonate casings over an aluminum frame and covered in a black fabric referred as SCP-1360-1 which acts as a functional skin. SCP-1360 contains various tools in its fingers which include a steel needle in the left thumb, a roll of SCP-1360-1 patches in the left index, a pair of miniature scissors in the right thumb, a steel scalpel in the right index and a flash drive in the right middle finger, and while unable to talk can fluently write in English, Japanese and German. It was specifically created for a man named James and his daughter, but was captured by the Foundation, causing the android to try to escape before being told by Anderson Robotics that they had no plans on rescuing it.
  • SCP-2003: A machine which teleports the user to the future which is most likely to occur. After some months exploring the future, the user would be brought back at the exact time they were teleported. In SCP-001 (djkaktus's Proposal III), it is implied that the machine was created by Vincent Anderson during his time as O5-3 of Aaron Siegel's iteration of the O5 Council.
  • SCP-2987: A modified MSI brand external hard drive capable of storing AIs, or "souls" and transform into currency when making deals with extradimensional entities. The hard drive contains an Artificial Intelligence of it's own designated SCP-2987-1 which was created by Anderson Robotics on a commission by MC&D, but it betrayed both of organizations and willingly joined the SCP Foundation.
  • SCP-3560: Portals located near Three Portlands and Site-64 which led to a dimension appearing as a monochrome temperate forest. This dimension acted as an afterlife for for various sentient robots who had been destroyed, with the majority of the inhabitants, designated SCP-3560-1, being robots created by Anderson Robotics which were destroyed by the Foundation and the UIU causing them to harbor hatred for the two organizations.
  • SCP-3613: Four humanoid robots each designated SCP-3613-1 through 4 all containing the spirits Jacob Jefferson's deceased family members. MC&D commissioned Anderson Robotics to create these robots to act as replacement for the family members of their agent Jefferson in order to ensure his royalty.
  • SCP-3960: Ten toy robots referred to Hobby Personal Androids composed of molded polycarbonate casings over an aluminum frame. If customers perform a magic ritual involving a piece of paper in which a personality type is inscribed on one of the toys then the toy will animate and become overly attached with its owner while possessing the customer's desired personality.
  • SCP-4218:
  • SCP-5174: A brain-based bot network inhabiting the Oneiroi Space which was used to destroy various hosts through the exploitation of "non-dreamers" and drones designated SCP-5174-1. It was created by Anderson Robotics on a commission by Karcist Tuuslar who sought to kill those who abandoned their flesh bodies. Upon finding out of the Karcist's true intents the company asked them not to use their product on their bases or products within the Oneiroi Space.
  • SCP-5375: A prototype machine created as part of an agreement between the Foundation and Anderson Robotics. As part of their agreement, the Foundation gave SCP-1539, a semantic dissociation zone where the semantic identity and the physical properties of an object are decoupled from each other and reassigned to nearby objects in the zone, to Anderson Robotics so the latter could use the anomaly to create a machine with similar properties but that could be used by the Foundation when combating and containing identity-based cognitohazards and paramemes. Anderson Robotics were able to create the prototype machine known as SL00195 which used the anomalous property to only change the identities of subjects, but create full names out of nowhere and was named the Name Machine before being stolen by Nobody.
  • SCP-5460: A prototype telepathy facilitation device possibly reverse-engineered from Maxwellist technology and consisted of a primary console and a series of ten headsets before being destroyed during the raid.
  • SCP-6660: A prototype device consisted of a portable computer terminal connected to a network of electrophysiological probes which could attach to biological organisms. After scanning the genetic code of organisms it could alter its DNA on a molecular level through computational and thaumaturgical means. Following the dissolution of Anderson Robotics former employee and member of the Sisterhood of the First Flesh Janice McGrath stole the prototype and was able to evade Foundation capture.
  • SPC-2806: Advanced cybernetic prosthetics composed of seven arms, three legs, six eyes and four ears that were given to the Shark Punching Center to replace their members' lost body parts. However, after these prosthetics caused its users to mutate into sharks, the SPC declared war on Anderson Robotics for this and formed Marine Fighting Team Gamma-13 to deal with the company.
  • SCP-750-KO: A humanoid android with a gas mask for its face which it used to convert harmful gases into energy, and possesses both an endoskeloton and exoskeleton along with various lethal weaponry. It was originally created by Nazis during WWII, but it soon gained a consciousness of it's own and betrayed them, deciding to help the Nazis' victims before being disassembled. It was later found by MC&D who brought it to Anderson Robotics to repair and add additional modifications.




  • Both founders of the company, Anderson and Frost, are Type Blue Anomalous Humanoids (people who used magic to further their goals).
  • As stated in "Ties That Bind", Vincent Anderson and Anderson Robotics have no connection to James Anderson, the founder of The Factory.
  • In-universe Anderson Robotics is sometimes seen as a spiritual successor to the defunct Prometheus Labs.
  • Li’l Lollipop of Herman Fuller's Circus of the Disquieting once tried to commission Anderson Robotics to create knock-off animatronics of the "Five Nights at Freddy's" franchise.
    • Anderson Robotics has been often compared by fans with Afton Robotics from the FNAF, mostly due to both companies having the initials A.R. and producing paranormal malevolent robots.
  • In the "Broken Masquerade" canon in which the anomalies and the GoIs became public knowledge, Vincent Anderson tried to justify to the press the company's actions while behind the Veil of Secrecy and promised they would do better in the new status quo of the world.
  • In the "Aces and Eights" canon, a universe in which the SCP Foundation is set in the Old Wild West, Anderson Robotics is known as Anderson Prosthetics which created various prosthetics such as porcelain face masks.
  • In the universe of SCP-6001 where the Compendium, a benevolent amalgam organization of different GoIs, took over the world and declared worldwide peace with all anomalies, Anderson Robotics was part of the Assembly which was also comprised by the Church of the Broken God and was one of the GoIs that made up the Compendium.

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