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~ André's villainous breakdown and final quote before turning back to a Red Lum.

André the Dark Lum Lord is the main antagonist of Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc. He was once a Red Lum that was filled with negative emotion after being scared by Rayman’s hands, and then proceeded to begin “infecting” other Lums with his corruption. He then ordered his army of Dark Lums to steal fur from a Bonton to make himself the first of the Hoodlums. Distinctively, André has a very opprobrious and rude personality, and is very loud, talkative, and obstreperous, which makes André the most violent villain in the Rayman franchise.

He was voiced by Ken Starcevic, who also played Admiral Razorbeard.


Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc

André firstly attempts to break into the Fairy Council and gain access to the Heart of the World, intending to use it's power to create an army of Hoodlums. However, his Hoodlum form is easily destroyed by Rayman, and shortly after that André himself is accidentally swallowed by Globox. The Teensies believe André is dead and begin celebrating, but then realize that he is still alive inside Globox, and Rayman must find a doctor who can remove him.

André spends most of the game inside Globox, where he can be heard talking and sometimes can carry his body around. He also would sometimes force him to drink plum juice, which André loves but Globox is allergic to and causing him to become intoxicated. He often makes rude and vituperative remarks to Rayman, calling him names such as “Lame-Man”. Eventually, André is removed from Globox with the combined help of three different doctors, but escapes again and continues attracting more Black Lums, and recruits Reflux of the most powerful Knaaren warrior, who Rayman has recently defeated and who also wants revenge.

André convinces Reflux to take and use the magical Scepter of the Leptys for him, which transforms Reflux into a destructive and powerful monster that becomes the final boss of the game. After Reflux is destroyed, Rayman then uses his power to turn André back into a non-sentient Red Lum.

Rayman: Hoodlums' Revenge

Some of André's evil spirit stays in Globox's stomach. It reawakens Hoodlum army once again in attempt to destroy Rayman's world. His plan fails again when Rayman and Globox defeats Hoodlum army. However, André's spirit than takes full control over Globox's body and transforms him into a clone of Reflux. When Rayman defeats the clone, Globox reverts to his normal self and André's spirit flees.


  • Gah! Listen up, pipsqueak! Soon I'll transform the energy from the Heart into an army of Hoodlums! Then, I'll deal with you! Ehahahahaha!
  • Yes, Andy! Yes, Andy! Can't you say anything else!?
  • I told you I'd serve Rayman on a platter! Bon appetit!



  • André is one of the few villains to die in the Rayman games, the other one being Reflux.


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